Congratulations to the many and varied publishers who have been nominated for this year’s ENnie award. The judges have selected the products they like the best, and now it’s down to the popular vote.ennie

Pelgrane Press has achieved fifteen nominations in eleven categories for nine products in this year’s ENnie awards, in a field festooned with stellar games and publishers.  Hillfolk, Eternal Lies and 13th Age get three nominations a piece, James Semple and his team of composers and musicians were regonised for the Complete Eternal Lies Suite and Dust and Mirrors in the Best RPG Related Product. I’m pleased that Clinton and Kevin  got some recognition for Best Writing for Owl Hoot Trail and Cat Tobin for Page XX.  Blood on the Snow perhaps has more contributors than any RPG product to date and is nominated for Best Supplement. The Noteboard is in with a chance for Best Aid and Accessory.

In addition to the Pelgrane nominations, Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff received a nomination for Best Podcast, and the Midgard Bestiary: 13th Age Edition from Kobold Press also received a well-deserved nod.

Here are the Pelgrane nominations, by product, then by category, followed by all nominees:

Listed by category:

Best Adventure

Best Podcast

Best Aid/Accessory

Best Production Values

Best RPG Related Product

Best Rules

Best Supplement

Best Writing

Best Game

Best Website

Product of the Year

The ENnie Awards 2013 nominations have been announced. Congratulations to all!

The voting booth is here.

I’m pleased to say the Pelgrane Press has been nominated in eight categories. Gareth Hanrahan and Kenneth Hite gets the nod for The Zalozhniy Quartet  in the Best Adventure category, our very own Page XX has been nominated for Best Website. All We Have Forgotten (James Semple, Marie-Anne Fischer and Yaiza Varona), music for Ashen Starts gets a well-deserved nomination for Best Aid / Accessory.

You can listen to a sample – the theme tune – here:

Night’s Black Agents has been nominated for Best Rules (Ken and Robin), Best Interior Art (Chris Huth, Aleseandro Alaia, and Phil Reeves with art direction by Beth Lewis) , Best Game (Ken), Best Writing (Ken) and Product of the Year (everyone!)

Night’s Black Agents is my favourite game to run apart from my original AD&D campaign, and I’ll be doing another season of it later in the year, and it was the grabbiness and sustainability of the setting, the excitement of the writing and the quality of the mechanics which drew me in.

Here is a complete listing of all the nominations. It’s good to see so many entries from the British and Irish, or Team GMT, as we will be known.

Best Adventure

Best Aid/Accessory

Best Art, Cover

Best Art, Interior

Best Blog

Best Cartography

Best Electronic Book

Best Family Game

Best Free Game

Best Free Product

Best Game

Best Miniature

Best Monster/Adversary

Best Podcast

Best Production Values

Best RPG Related Product

Best Rules

Best Setting

Best Software

Best Supplement

Best Website

Best Writing

Product of the Year

The ENnies are arguably the most important awards in the RPG calendar, the Oscars of RPGs, if you will. This year the ceremony took place in a suitably grand locale, the Grand Hall in Union Station.

Pelgrane Press picked up 4 awards, two Silvers and two Golds, our first Golds ever.


Best Rules: Lorefinder

Best Setting: Ashen Stars


Best Electronic Book: Cthulhu Apocalypse – The Apocalypse Machine

Best Writing: The Investigators Guide to Occult London

And here is a picture of a very happy Paula Dempsey collecting her Best Writing Award with Steve Dempsey and Kenneth Hite who also contributed to The Investigators Guide.

Thank you to all who voted for our books!

Voting Open! Vote now for your favourites!

Pelgrane Press has received ten nominations for the ENnie Awards 2012 in six categories, including three of the five Best Adventure categories. We are all rather chuffed, and I will take a flask of tea to the ceremony. Graham and Ken are both in in their own right, too.

Here they all are.

Best Adventure

Best Electronic Book

Best Rules

Best Setting

Best Website

Best Writing


Bookhounds of London has won the prestigious Golden Geek Award 2011 for Best RPG Supplement. Armitage Files was a runner up against stiff competition from Jason Morningstar’s excellent Fiasco Companion.

We are very pleased to have been nominated for a second time in the Golden Geek Awards.

Ashen Stars and Bookhounds of London have been nominated for Best Artwork and Presentation, The Armitage Files and Bookhounds of London for Best Supplement.

You can vote here, but you need to be a member with Geek Gold.



The voting for the ENnie awards is open. Pelgrane Press have been nominated for Best Cartography for Bookhounds and Best Writing for Dance in the Blood. We ask that you consider voting for us.

Other Pelgranistas have been nominated; Graham Walmsley for A Taste for Murder, Robin D Laws for Hamlet’s Hit Points and Kenneth Hite for Dresden Files and The Bones: Us and Our Dice, all fine products worthy of your consideration.

I’m pleased to say Pelgrane Press has received honourable mentions and nominations in the ENnie awards for our releases this year.

The Dance in the Blood by Graham Walmsley gets and honorable mention for Best Adventure, and a nomination for Best Writing. I think that Dance in the Blood is typical of Graham’s adventures, and any one of the others could have just as easily been nominated.

Bookhounds of London by Kenneth Hite gets an honourable mention for Best Setting, and a nomination for Cartography. Beth Lewis extracted, compiled and enhanced these antique maps with new information and the indexers over at yog-sothoth also deserve a big hand for this one. I’m sad that Ken didn’t get a nomination for the setting, which is just outstanding, but the competition was fierce.

Congratulations to all the other publishers and I’ll update you when the voting begins.

Pelgrane books have been nominated for the Golden Geek awards. These awards are given out annually at BGG Con, and this year for the first time roleplaying games have been included. Armitage Files has been nominated both for Best Artwork and Presentation, and for Best RPG Supplement, and Shadows Over Filmland for Best RPG Supplement. Following our success at the ENnies.

Here are all the nominations.

To vote you need to register and login, then go here. If you consider us worthy enough to take that trouble, I can only express my gratitude.

Apparently, only site supporters can vote, and that costs money, or social capital (Geek Gold) you have earned on the site.

The ENnies polling booth is now open, and we ask that you consider us when placing your votes. For Best Cover Art, we have Jerome’s Rough Magicks cover, and for Best Adventure, The Armitage Files.

You can read reviews of Armitage Files here.

and here is Jerome’s cover in all its glory:

A detail:

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