These are our releases and forthcoming products for the Trial of Cthulhu line. Get them at our webstore, from IPR or your local game store.

  • The Trail of Cthulhu – Core Book – available
  • The Trail of Cthulhu Signed Limited Edition Leatherbound – Core Book – available from the special order page
  • Stunning Eldritch Tales – Adventure Book – available
  • The Trail of Cthulhu Player’s Guide – available
  • Keeper’s Screen – with Keeper’s Resource Book – available
  • Four Shadows – Music for Trail of Cthulhu – available
  • The Dying of St Margaret’s – A Purist adventure – available
  • Shadows Over Filmland – Adventure and Setting Book – available
  • Arkham Detective Tales – Adventures Book
  • June

The Trail of Cthulhu


Trail Cover

Trail of Cthulhu is a complete game of investigative horror set in the 1930s based on the work of HP Lovecraft. The game uses an adpated and enlarged version of GUMSHOE system which offers a laser-like focus on investigation, with characters driven to explore and investigate, even at the expense of their own health and sanity. Written by Kenneth Hite, it is Pelgrane Press’s most ambitious project to date.
We offer this in print, pdf, print+pdf, and as part of the ToC Game Group Bundle

Stock #: PEGT01 Author: Kenneth Hite
Artist: Jerome Huguenin Pages: 246

Stunning Eldritch Tales

Stunning Eldritch Tales Cover

Stunning Eldritch Tales is a collection of four adventures written by Robin D Laws. In The Devourers In The Mist castaway investigators face the an ancient evil. In Dimension Y, the PCs witness an inventor’s presentation of a new machine to peer into a non-Euclidean reality, and then feel reality slipping from beneath them. With Shanghai Bullets and Death Laughs Lasts, this collection demonstrates the strengths of the Trail of Cthulhu system. Get the hand-outs on the resources page.

Stock #: PELGT02 Author: Robin D Laws
Artist: Jerome Huguenin Pages: 82

The Trail of Cthulhu Player’s Guide


The Trail of Cthulhu Player’s Guide is all the player’s stuff from GUMSHOE Trail of Cthulhu, including the complete Trail GUMSHOE system, character creation, equipment lists, player tips and forms. It weighs in at 99 pages, compared with the potent 248 Ken Hite-ened pages of the full Trail.We offer this in pdf, and as part of the ToC Game Group Bundle

Stock #: PELGT03D Author: Robin D Laws
Artist: Jerome Huguenin Pages: 99

Keeper’s Screen and Resource Book

Keeper's Screen

It’s easy to get clues with GUMSHOE, but don’t make it too easy!

A coffee-proof screen shields mysteries best unseen by prying eyes. On the Keeper side are essential ToC tables to lessen wear on your prized copy of ToC.

Included is chunky resource book for use in play – it includes clues, equipment, background info and special benefits on abilities and occupations, as well a 50 NPCs ranging from suave cultists to talkative telephone operators.

Stock #: PELGT04 Author: Simon Carryer
Artist: Jerome Huguenin Pages: 68

Four Shadows – Music for Trail of Cthulhu

Four Shadows

Authors: James A Semple
Format: Four MP3 Tracks

Four brilliantly composed atmospheric tracks to enhance your Mythos playing experience.

Includes Trail of Cthulhu Purist theme, Trail of Cthulhu Pulp them, Aganorosis and Ruminations.

Stock #: PELGT05D Author: James A Semple
Artist: Jerome Huguenin Tracks: 4

Shadows Over Filmland>>

Four Shadows

Trail Of Cthulhu goes to the movies. Pelgrane Press pays homage to the classic horror films of the 1930s with this 192-page page compendium of celluloid thrills and chills!
Trail Of Cthulhu creators Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws team up, marshalling their deep mastery of cinematic lore to bring you a landmark collection of Cthulhoid scenarios and source material. Shadows includes a dozen adventures and the new Backlot Gothic setting.
Read an excerpt on See Page XX

Stock #: PELGT05D Author: Kenneth Hite and Robin D Laws
Artist: Jerome Huguenin 192 page hardback

The Dying of St Margaret’s

Dying of St Margarets

A Purist adventure for Trail of Cthulhu.

The Dying Of St Margaret’s is an exploration character and madness in the spirit of HP Lovecraft.

On the remote Scottish island of St Margaret’s, Investigators take jobs at an all-girls private school. Each is searching for an acquaintance who disappeared from the school. The Investigators’ Drives carry them forward with increasing excitement and anticipation.

But what they discover drives them to the edge of insanity.

In this supplement, there is no escape, no comfort, no salvation when faced with the Mythos. You are powerless and insignificant: your only choices are death, insanity or a quiet life with a shattered mind.

Guns will not help you, reason will not protect you, faith will not give you comfort.

Written from the creator of Play Unsafe, it is a very different way to follow the Trail of Cthulhu.

Stock #: PELGT05D Author: Graham Walmsley
Artist: Jerome Huguenin Pages: 28 pg PDF
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