Mutant City Blues Resources


A printer-friendly Quade Diagram

This chapter from MCB describes the role of the PCs and gives some background to the game.

Character sheet for MCB.

A very useful Reference Sheet for UK players, also one for US players. thanks to Charles Gordon Mitchell for these.

Actual Play

Code Indigo Fred Hicks ran an online game of MCB. You can read and comment on it the Code Indigo community here.

Johnny Shakalakah Our in-house playtest for Mutant City Blues.

Articles and Interviews

Interview with Robin D Laws

A Master Plan podcast you can listen to here. “They talk about designing this game from the original GUMSHOE framework,
what was changed to make the game focused on the new premise, and overall the experiences of making this game. Throughout the show, Robin
also talks a bit about moments in GUMSHOE’s design in general.”

Interview with Dr Quade

Leading the scientific charge is the mediagenic, indefatigable Dr. Lucius Quade. He coined the term for the scientific study of mutant genes and abilities, anamorphology, and is routinely called on to weigh in on any social or political controversy surrounding mutant rights.

Read an interview with Dr Quade here, on See Page XX

The Trouble with Tasers

Robin Laws discusses the use of Tasers in GUMSHOE games here.

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