13th Age Organized Play Program

13th Age Dragon RiderWelcome to Pelgrane Press’ free organized play program for 13th Age RPG. You can play it anywhere you like: at home, your local game store, the neighborhood tavern…wherever. 

Each game of 13th Age is different, because the One Unique Things and backgrounds of the characters in separate groups will be different. These rules give players the ability to help to define the world: there is no standard, universal Dragon Empire.

13th Age Organized Play lets players enjoy 13th Age games with a continuity of story that still leaves room for the freedom and flexibility that sets 13th Age apart.

Create or log in to your Pelgrane Press Bookshelf  to get Season One and the first three episodes of Season Two FREE under the Organized Play tab. You’ll experience an world-spanning epic that you can play as an ongoing campaign, or as standalone adventures.

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Season One

  • 2nd Level
    • Crown of the Lich King
    • Wyrd of the Wild Wood
    • Quest in the Cathedral
    • Shadow Port Shuffle
  • 4th Level
    • Wrath of the Orc Lord
    • Elf Queen’s Enchantment
    • Domain of the Dwarf King
  • 6th Level
    • Escape from the Diabolist’s Dungeon
    • The Crusader’s Fist
    • The Wyrm’s Tale
  • 8th Level
    • The Archmage’s Orrery
    • The Dungeons of Drakkenhall
    • Battle for Axis

PLUS, shorter 3rd and 5th Level adventures including:

  • Fungaloid Infection
  • Folding of Screamhaunt Castle
  • Tower of the Ogre Mage
  • Three Hearts Over Glitterhaegen
  • Omenquest

Season Two

Race to Starport (Levels 1-4)

Silver ENnie award winner for Best Free Product! The player characters face strange beings banished to the stars in a previous age, and must race to stop a portal being created that will bring more monsters into the Dragon Empire. Race to Starport consists of six two-hour sessions (12 hours total run time) for characters of levels 1 to 4.

  • Race to Starport

Into the Underworld (Levels 1-4)

The player characters descend into the shadowy realm below the Dragon Empire to investigate a fallen meteorite, and retrieve an object from it. But first they must face new enemies (including Shark-Bats!) as well as some familiar foes with new twists. Along the way they will encounter gods, strange subterranean seas, and the ever-present threat from the Star-Masks.

  • Into the Underworld Part 1
  • Into the Underworld Part 2
  • Into the Underworld Part 3
  • Into the Underworld Part 4

IronFire (Levels 5-6)

For months, strange meteorites have rained down on the Dragon Empire, bringing strange creatures known as star-masks: parasites that latch onto the faces of other beings and take over their minds and bodies. Now the Dwarf King has announced that he’s retrieved an intact meteorite and is willing to sell it to the highest bidder. Whoever uncovers the secrets of the star-masks will gain great power, so every icon has sent a delegation to bid for the meteorite—and your party is one of them.

  • IronFire Part 1
  • IronFire Part 2

Tides of Fate (Levels 7-8)

The Dragon Empire is under attack by strange monsters that fall from the stars. But if the legends are true, there’s a chance to take the fight to the enemy! The magical ship Ostulti, created in the age of the Wizard King, is a flying fortress that can ascend to the highest heavens. With it, one could reach the dungeon planet where the star-masks dwell. The only problem is that the Ostulti was lost when the Wizard King fell. Can the adventurers find it?

  • Tides of Fate Part 1
  • Tides of Fate Part 2


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