13th Age Organized Play: November 2015 Update

13th Age Alliance black bkgrndDownload Into The Underworld

The second adventure in Season 2 just went out to 13th Age Alliance GMs! Into The Underworld is a 1st level 13th Age adventure in four two-hour sessions, taking PCs into the realms below the Dragon Empire to investigate a fallen meteorite. But first they must face new enemies, as well as some familiar foes with new twists. Along the way they will encounter gods, strange subterranean seas, and the ever-present threat from the Star-Masks.

Into The Underworld includes a fun random encounter table for the underworld with a collapsed mine, a lost tomb (with optional trap), a slippery rock bridge over a torrent of water, and abominations spawned by a newborn living dungeon.

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Into The Underworld Monster Preview: Khavlings

Need a 1st level battle with a monster that will really, really annoy the PCs? Meet the khavlings, an irritating sort of kobold/halfling. (Download Into The Underworld to get their spellcasting artillery, the khavling filth wizard.)


These creatures are hunch-backed scrawny menaces that can be found lurking in small gangs in sewers and back alleys of large cities, and sometimes in large semi-nomadic tribes in the underworld. Khavlings have a low animal cunning, an ability to use language (though they prefer to use insults), and a predilection for violence and vandalism.

Khavling Shiv

Khavlings can pass as halflings or short humans when in dark alleys or with their hoods up. They lurk near the dwelling places of more successful humanoids, stealing and committing petty acts of vandalism and violence.

3rd level mook [HUMANOID]


Rusty shiv +8 vs. AC—4 damage

Escalating violence: Provided the target was hit by a khavling last round, add the escalation die to the khavling’s damage.

R: Thrown rubble +8 vs. AC—6 damage

Parting shot: If the khavlings run away from the battle each can make this attack as they leave.

Nastier specials

Touch of khav: Enemies that roll a natural 1 or 2 with a melee attack against the khavling take poison damage equal to the escalation die value.

Violent mind: Enemies that make an attack vs MD against the khavling and miss take psychic damage equal to the escalation die value.

AC 18

PD 16          HP 6

MD 10

Mook: Kill one khavling shiv mook for every 6 damage you deal to the mob.


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