Shades of Fey

Front cover_350The fey are non-elven creatures, shadowy travelers with ambiguous magic: pixies, sprites, spectral hounds, and more. Their goals are obscure, their abilities mysterious, their forms deceptive.

Shades of Fey brings these strange beings to your 13th Age campaign, with:

  • 10 icon-themed variants, from magic made flesh to shapeshifting brigands
  • 8 fey monsters, including sprites, spriggans, river-women and more—some with different abilities depending on what names they use (for example, the river-woman can be a siren, rusalka, or banshee)
  • A new faun PC race, with a nasty head-butt racial power

Shades of Fey is the seventh installment of the second 13th Age Monthly subscription. You can buy it as a stand-alone PDF, or purchase the collected Volume 2 to get all 12 issues plus the 2016 Free RPG Day adventure Swords Against the Dead!

Stock #: PEL13AM21D Author: Steven Warzeha, Rob Heinsoo
Artist: Rich Longmore Type: 11-page PDF

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