Tell us what you want (what you really, really want)

Photo by fabio on Unsplash

Shortly after the pandemic hit in March 2020 we asked you, our beloved community, what we could do for you to help you through it. “More video and VTT content!” was a big part of your response, and we’ve been working on delivering more of the videos you want since then. But, videos are hard, and we know we can do even better to stay connected with you online.

Enter Ellen Abolt, who’ll be delivering more Twitch and YouTube content, as well as adapting more of the Pelgrane games you love to virtual tabletops like The Foundry, Fantasy Grounds and Roll20. To fund all of these fantastic digital offerings, we’ll be setting up a Pelgrane Patreon (!!!) Ellen’s goal is to make sure we’re providing you with what you want – let us know what that is by completing our survey, here.

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