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Albion’s Ransom: Little Girl Lost & Albion’s Ransom: Worm of Sixty Winters double review by kafka

kafka’s shining review of Albion’s Ransom: Little Girl Lost & Albion’s Ransom: Worm of Sixty Winters is available in full at 10/10: “this is British horror at its best.”  “The Esoterrorists picks up where Cthulhu games sometimes leave off in creating a truly horrific experience without getting into gore and staying true to the cosmic horror […]

Albions Ransom – Little Girl Lost

Albion’s Ransom is a full-length campaign for The Esoterrorists.

This could be your toughest case yet. First up, get the girl back. Next, find out if the Esoterrorists are involved. Then shut down their conspiracy. Finally, just try to stay alive.

Little Girl Lost is an Esoterrorists scenario set in the UK, particularly Manchester & Derbyshire. It forms the first part of the two-part Albion’s Ransom sequence, though it is also designed to stand alone. The scenario revolves around a missing 18-year-old student,  the daughter of a major figure in the Ordo Veritatis who also happens to be a highly ranked member of the FBI – a former field agent now funded to do research into counterterrorism.

The player characters are brought in to find her – partly as a favor to Van Rijn, but also because there is a risk that she’s been specifically targeted by the Esoterrorists to put pressure on her father.

The sequel to Little Girl Lost, The Worm of Sixty Winters is now available.


“You’ve outdone yourself with the Esoterrorists and SSF themes. My reaction to the latter was, “I want to see this movie!””

Robin D Laws, creator of the Esoterrorists
James Semple, sound designer and musician, offers you four new contemporary tracks for your Esoterrorists game, or any game of contemporary horror. The music here incorporates contemporary rhythms, electric guitars and sound design elements in addition to the expected orchestral and cinematic elements.


The Tracks

The Esoterrorists Theme: This music has been written to introduce a session of the game. It begins by hinting at the mystery and horror using sound design and a female vocal. The music then shifts into a faster rhythm culminating in the action theme of the game. The heavy drums and insistent violin ostinato are overlaid with distorted powerchords and squealing lead guitar lines representing the contemporary edge of the game. This track prototypes the sonic palette of the Esoterrorists mixing elements of rock, orchestra and dance music. You can hear a lower quality version of the track here.

Special Suppression Forces: Although much of the Ordo Veritatis work is based on investigation, there comes a time when action is needed and the Special Suppression Forces are called in. This track reflects the overtly military nature of this force and the dangers that they face. The music relies on a lot of very heavy percussion from Japanese taikos and similar instruments but also includes contemporary instrumentation. Eventually the piece closes with a restatement of the main action motif but with even heavier percussion than before.

Little Girl Lost: This track was designed to be played alongside the adventureAlbion’s Ransom: Little Girl Lost. The feeling behind the track was to create a mood evoking the urban and spiritual backdrop of this story. There’s clearly a strong trance and trip-hop influence here. Furthermore, the minor harmony and dark instrumentation hint at the underlying peril and mystery. Again a contemporary instrumentation integrates with orchestra, drum loops and voices.

The Membrane: The Esoterrorists use the media to help spread fear and weaken the membrane. The music here is suggestive of that influence and is a mixture of percussion, sound design and ambient ideas. Even the main theme is incorporated into this collage of sound although in a twisted manner, sometimes in reverse. Unlike the other tracks to date, The Membrane is specifically designed as background music, to be looped at low levels in the background in times of tension.

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