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The Day of the Quelo (a DERPG Cugel-Level pdf adventure)

THE DAY OF THE QUELO: A Cugel-Level pdf adventure for DERPG. The noble Twegg, merchant of Kaiin and breeder of fine (if somewhat freakish) beasts, needs an urgent delivery made. Thus he is seeking a few reliable fellows to deliver a ‘quelo’ – a sluggish and good-natured beast – to its new owner, only one […]

Footsteps of Fools 3: The Lords of Cil

THE LORDS OF CIL (Footsteps of Fools: Part 3) The Lords of Cil follows on from Strangers in Saskervoy and leads into Beyond the Mountains of Magnatz. This major episode has our dashing adventurers advancing out of Saskervoy and into the ancient Empire of Cil. Along the way, the fates have them stumble upon an […]

In the Footsteps of Fools…

“In the Footsteps of Fools… only other fools tread” The colloquially-described “Liane-Level” five-publication DERPG adventure series. [‘All’s Fair At Azenomei’, ‘Strangers in Saskervoy’, ‘The Lords of Cil’, ‘Beyond the Mountains of Magnatz’, & ‘And Thence…to Almery’] Welcome to the official page outlining all you need to know about this panoramic creation, which gaming systems of […]

The Dying Earth RPG index

Welcome to the Dying Earth RPG’s magnificent, nay superlative, index of publications The Dying Earth Revivification Folio – the latest incarnation- Out Now Here you will find a brief listing of all the products available: each title linked to a full page of information RULE BOOKS Dying Earth RPG (the original rulebook) Turjan’s Tome of […]

The Dying Earth maps (DERPG game aids)

A fine selection of Dying Earth maps for game enhancement, all by the magnificent Sarah Wroot You know, there’s just something about a good quality map: the GM places it onto the table and instantly everyone has a feel for where they are in the larger scheme of things. A great map not only enhances […]

Footsteps of Fools 4: Beyond The Mountains of Magnatz

A picaresque series of adventures for the Dying Earth, featuring the evolving exploits of advancing Cugel-level characters. BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS OF MAGNATZ (Footsteps of Fools: Part 4) You may have thought your adventurous rogues were trapped in the barren north until the sun went dark. But no, the former Lords of Cil are on the […]

The Kaiin Player’s Guide

Explore the most decadent city in a world of decadence. 100,000 words by Robin D Laws describe 100,000 inhabitants in this innovative and highly play-tested source book. PCs are assumed to be knowledgeable veterans of the White-Walled City, not ignorant mooncalves. No longer will the GM be the sole arbiter of adventures; players are encouraged […]

The Dying Earth RPG

The Dying Earth is available once more from the Pelgrane Press store. A future, unimaginably distant… The sun, now in its dotage is a swollen maroon orb. It stutters and blinks. At any moment it may finally go out. Earth, immensely old… Dig anywhere and find a buried city or the shore of a vanished […]

Through Violet Cusps

‘THROUGH VIOLET CUSPS’ is the home of articles mostly by an ardent Dying Earth fan who wrote (primarily in an amateur capacity) for Pelgrane Press in the middle of the First Aeon. His advancement from the common rabble of roguish dabblers into the ranks of true Magicians means that he can no longer reliably expand […]

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