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The Dying Earth Map Collection


Authors: Steve Dempsey

Cover Artists: Sarah Wroot

Pages: 3


A fine selection of Dying Earth maps for game enhancement, all by the magnificent Sarah Wroot

You know, there’s just something about a good quality map: the GM places it onto the table and instantly everyone has a feel for where they are in the larger scheme of things. A great map not only enhances the atmosphere, but also hugely assists the GM in creating a believable game world. Plus a map provokes visual curiosity in the Players. And can even inspire entire scenarios! (See below.)

The Dying Earth map (see above) is a full color map of the the known world, shipped to you in a sturdy card tube. Based on an original map by the estimable Steve Dempsey, it underwent multiple revisions by our dedicated staff until it reached its current state of perfection. The printed area is 34.5cm x 23cm.


An attractive map of the Scaum Valley Region is an invaluable companion for the Scaum Valley Gazetteer and a piece of art in its own right. As it appears before them, watch your Players gaze with wonder as if seeing the land laid out below them from a great height. (Hopefully as they pass above it in a magical palace, or at least an enchanted floating bed, rather than as they are plummeting to their doom!) Its visual richness was directly responsible for the scenario framework: The Royal Cartographers.


The Kaiin map is a limited edition full color map of the white-walled city, signed by the arist and shipped to you in a sturdy card tube. It was based on the original map Robin D Laws used for his excellent Kaiin Player’s Guide. And it inspired the fan-scenario The Exasperating Cadaver, which has PCs harried all over the city. The printed area is 11.5 inches x 12 inches, 32 x 27.5cm. Delivered in a sturdy tube.


The discerning may wish to purchase all of the attractive maps: the Scaum Valley, Kaiin and the entire Dying Earth. See the map descriptions and images above for more details.

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Primer of Practical Magic


Authors: Jeanry Chandler

Cover Artists: Ossi Hiekkala

Pages: 138

Give your D20 magician a taste of the Dying Earth

Designed to assist exploring the Dying Earth milieu using the D20 system, there is also nonetheless a vast array of material herein that a GM could use equally as well to instead enhance any D20 fantasy game towards a more atmospheric classic Vancian/Dying Earth tone.

The Primer of Practical Magic hearkens to a time when players didn’t know all the spells in the rulebook yet, or all the monsters one could possibly encounter; a time before players argued about every rule, because they were still caught up in the mystery of the game. Toward this noble end of casting a shadow of renewed mystery over the D20 gaming experience, The Primer includes many features which the discerning gamer will appreciate.

The Primer of Practical Magic is filled with extraordinary spells, items and new powers for the magicians in your campaign. Whether you wish to spin your enemies to death with Phandaal’s Gyrator, or control them like a puppet with Clambard’s Rein of the Long Nerves, this is the libram for the discerning wizard’s library. And for those who always felt there should have been some element of danger and uncertainty to spellcasting, the Primer introduces an optional spell failure system, based on the system in the Dying Earth RPG!

The Primer contains

  • Over 100 spells of all levels and schools
  • 22 magic items including Cloud of Knives and Laccodel’s Protective Rune
  • 34 carefully wrought cantrips
  • Instructions on growing your henchmen and other creatures in a vat
  • New character classes including the fearsome diabolist
  • Rules for binding powerful but squabblesome magical creatures – sandestins

All these magical abilities find their way to the d20 system from the Dying Earth RPG, but do not required any knowledge of that background to use it.

This version includes a newly updated twenty-page codiciliary, with additional material and errata.

Using this supplement to run d20 D&D games requires use of the third edition Player’s HandbookTM by Wizards of the Coast Inc.

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13th Age Glorantha


Authors: Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet

Cover Artists: Lee Moyer, Aaron McConnell

Pages: 320

Enter Glorantha, Greg Stafford’s classic fantasy world of richly imagined cultures, ferocious combat, and colliding mythologies.

13th Age Glorantha is a new setting for 13th AgeRob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet’s d20-rolling game of heroic fantasy, escalating combat, One Unique Things, and limb-ripping owlbears. You’ll need the 13th Age corebook to play 13th Age Glorantha—the two books are available together as a discounted bundle


What is Glorantha, and what makes it awesome?

Glorantha is a world of mythic fantasy, where mythology is real—a Bronze Age setting where the world really is flat and the sun travels each day across the Sky Dome only to descend into the Underworld each night. Countless gods and goddesses rule the powers and elements. But what gods create, they can destroy. The Gods War came within a sword-stroke of ending the universe, until Orlanth and his Lightbringers rescued the sun from hell and brought forth the Cosmic Compromise that created Time. Exiled from the world by the Compromise, the gods could only watch as Chaos tore a place for itself in the heart of the cosmos, entering the world wearing the beautiful mask of a goddess shaped like a Red Moon.

13th Age Glorantha takes place in Dragon Pass, a magical land perched between mountain ranges formed from the scales of long-dead continent-sized dragons. For generations, Dragon Pass has been dominated by human clans that rely on the goddess of Earth, Ernalda, and her consort, the god of Storm, Orlanth, to fight off the trolls, dragonewts, and beastfolk who once ruled the land.

But now the Red Goddess’ Lunar Empire rises in the north. Chaos corrupts the land and invades the sacred myths that shape reality. Can the heroes of Dragon Pass retake their myths and remake their home?


For Game Masters, 13th Age Glorantha includes:

  • More than 80 pages of monsters and enemies fully compatible with any 13th Age campaign, including Chaos priests, dragonsnails, scorpionmen, Crater Makers who call down the Moon, and the awesome Chaos demon known as the Crimson Bat.
  • More than 60 pages of ready-to-run adventures and heroquests—venture into myth to refight the battles of the gods and gain their cosmic powers!
  • A distinctive setting that will entertain longtime fans but is aimed at gamers who’ve never heard of Glorantha.

If you’re a 13th Age player you’ll find:

  • 5 new classes, including the hell mother who summons Darkness spirits and giant spiders; the swordmaster Humakti who wields Death; and the trickster who (in theory!) funnels your bad luck onto your enemies.
  • 5 new class variants, including the wind lord, a fighter with magical storm-related exploits, and the rebel, a rogue with the supernatural ability to get where he’s not supposed to be.
  • 2 new PC races—the trolls and ducks—plus Gloranthan humans with new cultural traits.

Spear Warrior


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Message in a Bottle


Authors: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

Interior Artists: Christian Knutson

Pages: 52

In The Yellow King RPG, our world is invaded by the malignant, cancerous reality-warping influence of Carcosa and the dreaded King in Yellow. The This is Normal Now setting is the present day we know, albeit one subtly permeated by supernatural beings and maddening reality shifts, in which ordinary people band together, slowly realizing that they are the key to ending a menace spanning eras and realities.

In this one-shot adventure for This is Normal Now, the health of the player characters’ old friend, Preston Price, has degenerated, due to a singularly-focused obsession. His concerned wife Rosa asks the PCs to investigate, leading them to a trail of cryptic messages in absinthe bottles.

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Pelgrane gift voucher


Get someone the gift of Pelgrane this holiday season!

We’ve all been there – you need a gift for someone tomorrow, but you just have no time to go shopping.

Pop a couple of these gift cards in your basket, and gain Preparedness 10 for all gift-giving occasions.

Select the amount, add the recipient’s email, choose when you want it to arrive, write your message to the giftee, and you’re all set. The denomination you choose will be applied to the recipient’s Pelgrane bookshelf, and they can spend it all in one go, or a little at a time.



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Hamlets Hit Points


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The Glorantha Sourcebook


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The Glorantha Sourcebook


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