Campaign Cartographer 3

March 6, 2009

The Fairborn News-Packet
by Darwin Harrop and Elene Palm, staff writers

In a new and terrifying twist in the bizarre guerrilla art murder story, popular talk radio host Rocky Burek shot down a guest during a live interview yesterday afternoon. After a brief stand-off with police, Burek walked deliberately into a hail of bullets. Burek's bloody death, carried live on national cable channels, has prompted new calls for a time delay on all coverage of potentially violent televised incidents.

Dead is Kristen Massey, 29, regional communications director for the ACLU. She is survived by her husband Bob and her two year old twins, Marc and Gus.

Final Transcript, Freedom Zone With Rocky Burek

[Commercial break ends]

(Host) Rocky Burek: And we're back on the air with [unintelligible]

(Guest) Kristen Massey: Are you all right, Rocky?

RB: Don't you worry about me.

KM: You need a glass of water or something?

RB: We're back with Kristen Massey, regional communications director for the ACLU. And what I need, Kristen, is for the American Snivel Liberties Association--

KM: Really, is that where we're at? Juvenile taunts?

RB: What I need for you to acknowledge is that crime in the furtherance of an idea is by definition worse than the same crimes without the idea, and should be punished accordingly.

KM: I'm not even sure what that means, so I'll just reiterate the point you were interrupting before the break. Trespassing, breaking and entering, negligence—we do not condone these offenses. Those convicted of them should be punished. However, you punish the actual crime, not the political opinions the defendants might or might not hold.

RB: You ACL-losers are all alike, aren't you?

KM: I'm saying punish the Rose Collective crimes, if there were any. What more do you want?

RB: These are hate crimes. Hate crimes against the American way of life.

KM: And what if these were anti-abortion protesters? Would you still feel the same if — What the hell are you —

RB: Stop your strident shrieking in my head! I got your civil liberties right here!

[sound of repeated small arms fire]