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Terror Art Should Lead To Terror Charges
Transcript excerpt from radio talk show “Rocky Burek's Freedom Zone”, broadcast February 27, 2009, radio station WNAC, Fairborn, CT

(Host) Rocky Burek: These so-called artists call themselves guerrillas, do they? Well, I say treat them like guerrillas. Send them to freaking Gitmo. Put them in stress positions. Let them undergo enhanced interrogation techniques. But the fear into them. Because that's what they're doing to us. Coming in from outside our community, to despoil our shopping mall. To rub our noses in our economic woes. Which we know plenty about without a bunch of clove-cigarette smoking, leotard-wearing, New York art hipsters shoving it down our throats. Bad enough we now have socialists running rampant in the White House. We have to face down anarchists in the shopping mall, too? These penny ante charges they're facing aren't enough. They were making terroristic threats against our way of life. They wanted to play in the big time, they should get charged big time.

Caller: That's right, Rocky.

RB: Let me tell you, caller, we're going to stay on this. We're going to hammer this day in and day out. This is our new number one cause with a bullet here in the Freedom Zone. We're not going to rest until they're emptying their bowels in animal fear. Because that's what they are, animals. They should face the death penalty. Yeah, that's right. The death penalty. Because that's what terrorists deserve.

Caller: You're totally right, Rocky. And me and the other Rockheads support you one hundred per cent on this.

Lucht to Art Guerrillas: Protest EFCA, NOT BARGAINVILLE