Fear Itself

Your Enemies

New creatures of Unremitting Horror

Fear Itself includes fearsome new opponents for your PCs. More creatures and two great Fear Itself adventures can be found in the Ennie-award nominated GUMSHOE Book of Unremitting Horror.

Mystery Man


Mystery Men drive people mad for pleasure. A Mystery Man seeks out individuals, often in a group, who he deems susceptible to psychological breakdown, yet of sufficient depth and interest to make the effort entertaining. Once he targets a victim or victims, he loses (or perhaps only willingly abandons) the ability to interfere directly with their minds.

The Ovvashi

Ovvashi are humanoid demons who prey on society’s refuse: drug addicts, the homeless, and the down-and- out. Shuffling through places where the homeless congregate, they quickly find new friends, ensuring a warm welcome with their dirty plastic bags laden with cheap booze and smokes. Having won their confidence, they draw tales of woe from their newfound mates. To seal their allegiance, they withdraw from their bags the objects their victims most desire. The ovvashi are also capable of materializing very specific items, like an exact replica of a longlost memento, or even a particular photograph of an abandoned loved one. But this is is just a tool of enslavement.