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Echo & Gauntlet

Start with a nasty magical strike force that works for the Crusader. Continue in a supernatural landscape that speeds their magic. Finish with campaign hooks, the implications of a ruined world that exists alongside the world, and a possible origin story for the Crusader. Echo & Gauntlet is the tenth installment of 13th Age Monthly Vol. 1. You […]

Candles, Clay & Dancing Shoes

Your PC has gold to burn? Spend it on something that could make everyone’s lives more interesting—especially the GM! Here are six new useful, bizarre, and effective one-use magic items, festooned with multiple adventure hooks and campaign variants. Is that dwarf wearing a featherlight skirt beneath his kilt? If you fire an exorcist missile at […]

13th Age Monthly – Volume 2

A collection of 4000+ word 13th Age PDF supplements with new rules systems, Bestiary-style monsters, player character options, and more – gathered together for the first time, so you don’t have to wait to get get them all. The collected 13th Age Monthly – Volume 2 includes the following PDFs: Installments Rakshasas & Reavers. A collection of new monsters […]

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