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13th Age Organized Play: What’s Next

This week, Tales of the 13th Age GMs receive The Battle of Axis — an adventure that brings the first season of 13th Age organized play to a thundering conclusion! The fact that 13th Age organized play exists at all is a minor miracle wrought by ASH LAW. Rob Heinsoo originally believed that 13th Age’s […]

Summoning Spells

13 True Ways introduced druids and necromancers as the first summoning spellcasters. Now this installment of the Monthly adds: Updated summoning mechanics for 13th Age New demon and elemental summoning spells for the wizard’s spellbook New archon summoning spells for the cleric’s prayer-roster Stats for summoned archons, demons and elementals A new demon type: the laughing […]


These bizarre, other-dimensional creatures present themselves as aspects of mortal concepts — meanwhile twisting reality into shapes that have nothing to do with mortal concepts. This comprehensive 13th Age Bestiary-style monster writeup is a gift to GMs who don’t mind shaking the tree until walruses and new philosophies fall out. Eidolons is the fifth installment of […]

Children of the Icons

“I’m the child of an icon.” This One Unique Thing taps into one of fantasy’s most powerful archetypes — and generates a huge amount of player investment in the campaign. Here, players will find inspiration and advice on how this deep connection can play out at the table. For GMs, Gareth presents four possible “children of the icons” campaigns […]

Temples of the Frogfolk

The perfect gift for the player in your group who has been waiting to portray a jumpy murderous amphibian. Evil frogspawn lurk just below the threat threshold. Then the chants echo through the mist, the temples surface, and suddenly you’re dead. This installment includes: Five froggish monsters with four racial abilities to choose from 13 […]

Dragon Riding

The lethal combination of dragon and rider helped create the Dragon Empire. Now unleash the fury on your foes! Full rules for player character dragon riders appear alongside story advice for campaigns looking to add dragon-riding options. Plus, we’ve made it easy to hack the system so you can devise other styles of riding. (Anyone […]

13th Age Monthly – Volume 2

A collection of 4000+ word 13th Age PDF supplements with new rules systems, Bestiary-style monsters, player character options, and more – gathered together for the first time, so you don’t have to wait to get get them all. The collected 13th Age Monthly – Volume 2 includes the following PDFs: Installments Rakshasas & Reavers. A collection of new monsters […]

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