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December 2014: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

The holidays and emergency present shopping beckon, so I will be relatively brief, and promise a full update including biz stuff in the next issue. Remind me to tell you about International Pelgrane Day, then, too. Out this month: 13 True Ways.  The Book of Loot and Shadows of Eldolan in pdf; and Vendetta Run – […]

The Last Door: 140-Character Horror Stories

Earlier this month, Phoenix Online Studios invited us to co-sponsor a short-short-short fiction competition to promote The Last Door Collector’s Edition. We’re all for creepy 8-bit Lovecraftian horror, and gladly joined in. Five prize winners got a Pelgrane PDF of their choice (and all of them chose either Trail of Cthulhu or Bookhounds of London); and […]

13th Age Organized Play: June 2014 Update

Many thanks to our GM team and all the players who attended our games at Origins this year. We sold out of all of our games, and even squeezed in some walk-ups in the scheduled games. Kendall Jung did an amazing job of managing our play events at the show. Onward to Gen Con! Free […]

13th Age Organized Play: May 2014 Update

by Wade Rockett I’ll start this update by sharing a graph that ASH made, showing what almost a year of 13th Age Organized Play looks like in terms of GMs and sign-ups — click the image on the right to see it more clearly. The initial bump and flatish-line represents our pre-launch OP announcement. Once […]

13th Sage: 13 Campaign Uses for Devils

A 13 True Ways Preview Chapter five of 13 True Ways is all about devils—those malevolent creatures from the Pit who delight in corrupting, binding and tormenting mortals. Where demons rage, devils persuade; where demons destroy, devils subvert and dominate. Typically their role in your campaign depends on which icon you associate them with. If […]

13th Age Organized Play: April 2014 Update

By ASH LAW Our latest adventure is out: The Elf Queen’s Enchantment. In this adventure the elves answer the call of the Dwarf King, marching west to aid in defeating the renegade orc warlord General Gul. The adventurers are called upon to act as wayfinders for the elven forces, being dropped ahead of the army by […]

13th Sage: How to Create Meaningful Icons For a Setting

by Wade Rockett Greyhawk. Golarion. Eberron. Mystara. The names of these settings ring out in the history of roleplaying games. It’s no surprise that many 13th Age fans want to run campaigns in them, or others that are equally beloved. And one question comes up all the time: how do I figure out who the […]

New Barbarian Talents: Mountainheart, Wyrmfang, Graceful Fury and Tribal War Chief

by Martin Killmann Many types of barbarians roam the wilderness of the Dragon Empire, drawing on the power of ancestral spirits, draconic pacts, and even the mountains themselves to strike terror into their enemies’ hearts. Here are four sets of talents to build a distinctive barbarian who brings something unique to the battle. Mountainheart The […]

Dicey Stunts for 13th Age

By Brian Slaby Dicey Stunts is an expansion of the “Dicey Moves” section of the 13th Age core rule book, which allows for any character to exercise their narrative creativity during combat — much like a Rogue with the Swashbuckle talent. (If they succeed at an appropriate skill check, of course!) Talents such as Swashbuckle, […]

13th Age character class – the 1st Age Cleric

By Mark Craddock 13th Age and the Archmage Engine that drives it has become the clear frontrunner for most of my gaming needs since I got in on the Second Escalation Edition.  However, I run many games for both my kids and new players, and sometimes I want something leaner.  That’s how I came to […]

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