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13th Age Fan Class: Stalwart

by Paul Fanning When Paul sent us this larger-than-life character class he said, “A Fighter can accomplish many great deeds, fighting more fearsome foes and saving villages then regions then the world. But the Fighter is also essentially an action movie hero: more skilled than the average warrior or soldier, a little luckier, with grit […]

13th Age Class: Vanguard

by Christopher Allen Christopher describes his vanguard character class as “a warrior-type designed to have more active in-combat choices and resource management than the Fighter — a complex Fighter, if you will — with a dash of healing capability.” What do you think of the vanguard? Join the discussion on the Pelgrane Forums. Vanguard To be a […]

Call of Chicago: Re-skinning, Genre-Drifting, and Triskaidekasizing

One of the chiefest joys of roleplaying is the joy of taking an iconic hero or monster and re-skinning it in the light of your own campaign. I’ve put Frankenstein’s monster on stage in two or three games, recast Batman as a people’s antihero in an alternate Soviet Union, and made demigods of Aaron Burr […]

Is “good at everything” a background in 13th Age?

by Wade Rockett   One of the most frequently-asked questions about 13th Age involves backgrounds; and overwhelmingly, it seems to come from people who have been playing d20 System games for a while. The question takes different forms, but in essence it’s this: What stops a player from putting the maximum number of points into a […]

ENnie Award Nominations

The ENnie Awards 2013 nominations have been announced. Congratulations to all! The voting booth is here. I’m pleased to say the Pelgrane Press has been nominated in eight categories. Gareth Hanrahan and Kenneth Hite gets the nod for The Zalozhniy Quartet  in the Best Adventure category, our very own Page XX has been nominated for Best […]

13th Age backgrounds

by Ryven Cedrylle 13th Age’s move from a Skill-based system to a Background-based system has far greater reach and power than is immediately evident on the first pass. The mechanics can handle a multitude of interesting nuances better than the standard d20 skill lists despite being a much smaller amount of information. In order to […]

Printers, editors, and rogues

We sent the 13th Age manuscript to the printer last week. It’s a good feeling. The book looks great. I think you’ll be able to see the quality of Chris Huth’s final layout work for yourself. The magnificent editing job performed by Cal Moore is probably harder to see. Cal spotted innumerable problems and knew […]

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