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Printers, editors, and rogues

We sent the 13th Age manuscript to the printer last week. It’s a good feeling. The book looks great. I think you’ll be able to see the quality of Chris Huth’s final layout work for yourself. The magnificent editing job performed by Cal Moore is probably harder to see. Cal spotted innumerable problems and knew […]

13 Canes for 13th Age

13 Canes for 13th Age By ASH LAW Wizard’s canes are known for being eccentric creations – canes that conceal long-stemmed pipes or are topped with miniature orreries or have perches for familiars. The non-magical canes of bravoes are more utilitarian than those of magic users, reinforced and weighted with lead pellets in hollow interiors […]

The Call of Chicago: Expediting, Ordering, Inquiring

I gotta say, it’s a good thing I already wrote GUMSHOE rules for expeditions. Because now I’m not surprised when everything takes longer and seems harder than it did when we planned this thing. Mythos Expeditions has, like its namesake, run into its share of excitement along the way. Promising paths had to be neglected, […]

How to Play GUMSHOE: a handy cheat sheet for new players

by Kevin Kulp (From the introduction to TimeWatch, his investigative time-travel game)     General Abilities are how you get stuff done. Sneaking, fighting, running… all these are done with General Abilities. If you have a General Ability rating of 8 or higher, you’re incredibly talented at that activity (and may get access to cool bonus […]

The Baddies Aren’t Taking a Break: Esoterrorist GM Advice for 13th Age

by Wade Rockett   As you probably know, Robin Laws is hard at work on the second edition of  The Esoterrorists, his legendary horror game that introduced the GUMSHOE investigative system. I hadn’t planned on running it any time in the near future, because I’m focused on my 13th Age campaign; but I very much […]

The Call of Chicago: Exploding, Experimenting, Expediting

Pop quiz, hotshot: a mysterious figure tosses a grenade at you. How much damage do you take? In GUMSHOE, it depends on who’s throwing the grenade. A cultist of Hastur? Point-blank grenade damage in Trail of Cthulhu is +3. Right there, one table, look it up, bang. Or rather, boom. A vampiric henchman, or a […]

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