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The Last Door: 140-Character Horror Stories

Earlier this month, Phoenix Online Studios invited us to co-sponsor a short-short-short fiction competition to promote The Last Door Collector’s Edition. We’re all for creepy 8-bit Lovecraftian horror, and gladly joined in. Five prize winners got a Pelgrane PDF of their choice (and all of them chose either Trail of Cthulhu or Bookhounds of London); and […]

Call of Chicago: Survey Says — Write About More Stuff, Monkey! Dance! Dance!

I didn’t take any advanced statistics courses in college, so that title may not be precisely accurate. Survey, survey. Oh, yes. Simon sent out a survey to all the current subscribers of Ken Writes About Stuff, upon whom may blessings shower without sensible restraint. We got about 180 responses back, which is a pretty good […]

13th Age Fan Class: Stalwart

by Paul Fanning When Paul sent us this larger-than-life character class he said, “A Fighter can accomplish many great deeds, fighting more fearsome foes and saving villages then regions then the world. But the Fighter is also essentially an action movie hero: more skilled than the average warrior or soldier, a little luckier, with grit […]

13th Age Class: Vanguard

by Christopher Allen Christopher describes his vanguard character class as “a warrior-type designed to have more active in-combat choices and resource management than the Fighter — a complex Fighter, if you will — with a dash of healing capability.” What do you think of the vanguard? Join the discussion on the Pelgrane Forums. Vanguard To be a […]

The Call of Chicago: 7 Draculas, No Waiting

As I once more turn my hopeful eye upon The Dracula Dossier, digging back into things vampiric and espionagical, it occurs to me that it might be fun to wonder just who we talk about when we talk about Dracula. In The Dracula Dossier, every player knows going in that the Big Bad up on […]

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