Frequently Asked Questions

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Top Mail Order Issues

I can't recover my password

If the password reset isn’t working, it’s likely you haven’t yet registered for an account. You need to register for a bookshelf, even if you’ve ordered from us before. Click on this link and register for a bookshelf with your order email address address. You’ll be able to log in and access all your historic orders, and reset your password if you need to.

I haven't received my order email

You should receive a confirmation email from us within 15 minutes of placing your order (you may need to check your spam folder). If you haven’t received your email, you can still confirm that your order has been placed by logging into your bookshelf (you will need to register here first if you haven’t already) and retrieving your order details and PDF downloads.

I haven't received my physical order
  1. Log in to your bookshelf, and the order should be there. Click on the order to see its status.
  2. If your book is on pre-order, first see Pre-orders below to get the shipping date.
  3. Compare the shipping information and contact times in this table. If your book hasn’t arrived in the Contact Us time, email support at Please include your current address, or we’ll have to email you back to confirm it.
Location Method Contact us  after…
UK Royal Mail First Class 14 days
US USPS Media or Priority. Some USA orders have USPS tracking numbers which become live after 24 hours. 14 days
Europe Royal Mail Airmail 28 days
Rest of World Royal Mail Airmail 2 months
Brazil Royal Mail Airmail 4 months
My physical order arrived damaged

Please email support with the details and we’ll sort you out. Please include photos of the damage so that we can feed this back to our shippers and printers.

I want the latest version of a Pelgrane PDF
  • If you are a mail order customer, the most up to date PDF is the one available to download from your bookshelf. If we update the PDF, we update the download here.
  • If you are a retail customer, and  your store is a member of the Bits and Mortar program, they can supply you with the PDF for any of our products. If they are not, please email us at with a proof of purchase and we’ll add the PDF to your to your bookshelf (you will need to register here first, if you haven’t already). We will supply PDFs to any bricks and mortar customers. For online discounters such as Amazon, we offer a 50% discount voucher.
Where are my existing orders?

We’re still in the process of transferring historic bookshelf data over to the new website – therefore some customer may be unable to see their existing orders and PDF downloads. If you need to download any of your PDFs please contact, or complete the form here, and we can provide download links.


I pre-ordered a book. What is the status of my pre-order?

We ship products as they become available, so we will ship elements of your order separately.

Anything not listed shipped out more than three months ago. Anything more recent has not yet been printed.
Recent releases are shipping out as follows. If you think your pre-order is overdue, please note the shipment date and follow the instructions under I have not received my order.

 Book  US and Canada Date  Rest of World Date  Note
Fall of Delta Green  Shipped 20th May 2018  1st June 2018
Book of Demons  Shipped 5th May 2018  Shipped 10th May 2018
Persephone Extraction  Shipped January 2019  Shipped January 2019
Hideous Creatures: A Bestiary of the Cthulhu Mythos  Shipped 26th April 2019  Shipped 26th April 2019
Night’s Black Agents Director’s Screen and Resource Guide  Shipped 16th July 2019  Shipped 22nd July 2019
Night’s Black Agents: Solo Ops  Shipped 22nd July 2019  Shipped 27th August 2019
Shards of the Broken Sky  Shipped 29th July 2019  Shipped 27th August 2019
Even Death Can Die  Yet to ship.  Yet to ship.
Mutant City Blues 2nd edition  Shipped 24th June 2020  Shipped 22nd June 2020
The Yellow King  Shipped Dec 2019  Shipped Oct 2019
Book of the Underworld  Shipped 27th July 2020  Shipped 27th July 2020
Swords of the Serpentine  On pre-order  On pre-order
The Borellus Connection  On pre-order  On pre-order
Black Star Magic  On pre-order  On pre-order
Even Death Can Die  On pre-order  On pre-order
My order contains a mixture of releases and pre-ordered books. When will my pre-ordered books ship?

When you place an order, anything we have in stock will go out straight away. We will ship out pre-ordered books will ship out when they are released . Your tracking will not be updated (sorry – a technical issue) but you can see which pre-orders have shipped here.

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