One-Shot Unique Things

The redoubtable Tim Baker asks over at the Piazza forum for some tips and tricks for integrating One Unique Things into convention games. One of the delights of running 13th Age is the high-wire act of taking the players’, ah, interesting ideas and working them into your scenario, so here’s how I do it. Before […]

13th Sage: 13 Answers to 13 Questions About 13th Age

Friday the 13th Age Logo

To celebrate Friday the 13th Age, we invited the community of 13th Age GMs and players to send us their questions about the game. We chose 13 of them to answer! Our panel today includes: Rob Heinsoo: 13th Age roleplaying game co-designer and line manager Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan: designer, Eyes of the Stone Thief, Book of […]

Underkraken Battles

It’s once again the time of year when the Ancient of Pelgranes flaps its hoary wings and takes flight across the Dying Earth, when Simon runs his annual 13th Age game and – entirely co-incidentally – asks me to write up a monster. This time, it’s Underkrakens. Now, Underkrakens are described in 13 True Ways […]

The Dracula Addenda (1) – Sailor and Spelunker

Having completed our selection of New Legacies, here are some extra individuals for your Dracula Dossier campaigns… Sailor Name: Olaf Frydenlund Possible Role: HGD Shipping Employee Description: Tall, Nordic, chapped skin from exposure. Innocent: Frydenlund’s a sailor, from a long line of sailors. There’s sea-salt in his blood, and he’s got a restless soul. He’s […]

Corrupted Fauna of the Normal Now

The reality of the final This is Normal Now sequence of The Yellow King Roleplaying Game dials up or down in weirdness. In its more openly unreal modes, Ironic Normal and Normalcy Shift, new quasi-Carcosan lifeforms stalk the land. The most terrifying of these are the deadly rampagers, which come in various shapes and sizes. […]

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