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Interview Techniques In Mutant City Blues

This article offers advice on how to run suspect and witness interviews in Mutant City Blues. It incorporates some real police techniques, as well as those TV cops sometimes use. This is not a game about corrupt cops who beat suspects. I’ve added a couple of techniques which will get Internal Investigations on your back […]

Trust in the Ocean Game

BTavern over on the Pelgrane discord asks if we’re using the Trust mechanics from Night’s Black Agents in the Ocean Game. It’s an excellent idea, since the Ocean Game’s a contest between players and only one person’s going to reach Briny Heaven – but they have to work together until then. So, while the Trust rules aren’t […]

Let It Hide!

There’s a gameplay principle articulated in Burning Wheel called Let It Ride. The idea is that in most situations, when a player scores a success on a test, the player doesn’t need to roll again unless circumstances change. For example, the player’s called to make an Athletics test to climb a cliff in the face […]

Eyes of the Stone Thief: After The Orc Lord

The upcoming 2nd edition of 13th Age updates the rules, tweaks the classes, gives lots of useful Icon-related advice – and murders the poor Orc Lord. It’s up to you how the Orc Lord perished in your campaign. The Eyes of the Stone Thief campaign does make quite a few references to the Orc Lord, […]

Dracula Dossier Location: The Retirement Home

In celebration of the lovely Spanish translation of the Dossier, some added content for the Campaign That Never Stops.  A somewhat dilapidated facility out in the countryside, surrounded by fading gardens. If it’s in the UK, it’s called Milton House; in Romania, Casa Sântoaderi. The aged residents while away their remaining hours watching television, playing […]

Pelicon 2024

by Jim McCarthy (jwmuk) It’s Gen Con 2024 on 2-4 August and any right minded tabletop roleplaying game aficionado is going to be heading to Indianapolis in the grand ole US of A, but if you can’t make it, despair no longer, a dedicated group of seven passionate Pelgrane players have come up with Pelicon […]

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