Authors: Michael Duxbury

Cover Artists: Chris Huth

Interior Artists: Chris Huth

Pages: 43


The skies above New Olympus are patrolled by caped crusaders, but these superior beings are far from heroes. They wield their powers with reckless disregard, serving the interests of corporate overseers, and silencing those who oppose their will.

You are Klara Koenig, investigative journalist for The Pedestrian newspaper, and you intend to prove the privileged superhuman elite do not yet hold a monopoly on justice.

Welcome to Alteregomania: the newest setting for the GUMSHOE One-2-One system. Featuring a quickstart rules guide, printable Problem and Edge cards and a starter adventure, Alteregomania contains everything you need to run a one player, one GM game set in a universe of corrupt superheroes.

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