Looking at the world through a feminist lens reveals absurd, tragic, and fascinating situations.

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Authors: Muriel Algayres, Frederik Berg, Tora de Boer, Emily Care Boss, Sarah Bowman, Baptiste Cazes, Rowan Cota, Karin Edman, Julia Ellingboe, Ann Eriksen, Rebecka Eriksson, Katrin Førde, Kajsa Greger, Laura Guedes, Elsa Helin, Kat Jones, Kaisa Kangas, Frida Karlsson Lindgren, Dominika Kovacova, Kira Magrann, Jason Morningstar, Elin Nilsen, Siri Sandquist, Laura Simpson, Lizzie Stark, Sofia Stenler, Livia von Sucro, Agata Świstak, Leïla Teteau-Surel, Cathriona Tobin, Evan Torner, Moyra Turkington, Susanne Vejdemo, Eva Wei, Anna Westerling, Tobias Wrigstad

Cover Artists: Shuo Meng

Pages: 96

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