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Informal Notice of Continued Custody of Former Regime Technology

Dear Mrs. Fernandes: In response to your telegram of last week, I continue to assert my reluctance to turn over physical possession of any items of regime technology that I may or may not have, pending a legal framework enacted by, and I cannot emphasize this enough, a democratically elected post-interim government. While I understand […]

See P. XX: Payoff Interludes for GUMSHOE

A column about roleplaying by Robin D. Laws A recent observation I’m adding to my Things I Always Say file is that when players worry about a scenario being railroaded or linear, what they really mean is not that it lacked choices or branch points, but that they didn’t get to Do Their Thing. Many […]

Nailsuit Variations: The Time Sentinel

Various Pelgranes have written mini-posts inspired by a different filtered image of a mysterious man in a suit of nails. Robin’s contribution is a scenario hook for Ashen Stars. The lasers accept a contract from the vas mal Institute for Temporal Folklore to investigate reported appearances of the Time Sentinel on a hypergas extraction rig […]

The Broken Camera

A Yellow King: Paris scenario hook Laurette Clemson, a wealthy American art patron of the groups’ acquaintance, asks them to meet her at her suite in the Hotel Metropol. They find her pallid, feverish and restive. With trembling hand, she produces a photographic print of a woman with roses in her hair. Laurette engaged a […]


A DramaSystem Series Brief For years the Ashton family has enriched itself on the record-breaking sales of their pharmaceutical company’s supposedly safe and effective opioid. Now the pain is coming for them. Characters Encourage players to create characters from the Ashton clan, majority shareholders of the BinghamHealth pharma corporation. With a larger group you might […]

The Old Bank

A Trail of Cthulhu location Residents of Arkham have taken to referring to the abandoned building near the corner of Alliance Street and Whitston Road simply as the Old Bank. Though the signs have been taken down, any local historian can tell you that it was originally incorporated as Mather and Sons, and went out […]

Manifester of the Arthropod

A Yellow King: The Wars Foe The pallid monarch reacts with unpredictable caprice when his cosmic senses tell him that someone has read a copy of The King in Yellow. Those he deems useless or puerile, he visits and destroys, for daring to touch the mind of a living god. Others he leaves to seek […]

The Compound

A DramaSystem Series Brief A cult leader and his flock establish a new compound to shelter themselves from a hostile world. But the world isn’t done with them yet. Characters The players portray the leader of a cult, his family, and others in his circle. Example characters: The leader himself. Since the typical cult leader […]

Lala Fulgur

A Mutant City Blues GMC Lala Fulgur knows something the investigators want to know, either from her brief criminal career or her status as top dog in the enhanced gang at your city’s prison for women. When Lala gained mutant powers, she did what a lot of people did. She pretended she didn’t have them. […]

Automated Hazards of the Continental War

Hazards for Yellow King: The Wars Black Star technologists working both for the Loyalists and the enemy have loosed onto the battlefield a variety of experimental automated killing machines. Although they promise their superiors that the devices distinguish between friend and foe, experienced soldiers understand otherwise. They flee from devices bearing their own nation’s markings […]

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