In an impossibly distant future, our species has dispersed to the stars. Cultures are everywhere different, yet propelled in the end by fundamental qualities humankind cannot shed: greed, egoism, pettiness, and a crippling passion for procedure.

Downloads & Resources
  • Download blank character sheet
  • Download the Gaean Reach Series Premise
  • Download the three sets of Build Cards (Knowledge, Persona, Life)
  • Download a set of Vancian taglines
  • Download the taglines for The Cerulean Duke
  • Download a Vengeance-Seeker Ability Matrix
  • Download a Scenario Worksheet
  • Download an Antagonist Record Sheet

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Authors: Robin D. Laws, Christopher Smith Adair

Cover Artists: Chris Huth, Shel Kahn, Hilary Wade

Pages: 100


Authors: Christopher Smith Adair, Peter Freeman, Jim Webster

Cover Artists: Chris Huth

Pages: 72

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