It is the 1960s. The stars are coming right. You are an Agent of DELTA GREEN, an authorized but unacknowledged black program of the United States national security establishment, tasked to hunt and destroy the Cthulhu Mythos.
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Authors: Kenneth Hite

Cover Artists: Jen McCleary, Gislaine Avila, Nyra Drakae, Kennedy C. Garza, Melissa Gay, Quintin Gleim, Jérôme Huguenin, David Lewis Johnson, Erika Leveque, Anthony Moravian, Ernanda Souza, Karolina Węgrzyn

Pages: 368


Authors: Kenneth Hite, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan


Authors: Kenneth Hite

Cover Artists: Jen McCleary

Interior Artists: Jen McCleary

Pages: 19


Authors: Kenneth Hite

Cover Artists: Jesús Blones

Pages: 11

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