A sword & sorcery game of daring heroism, sly politics, and bloody savagery, set in a fantasy city rife with skullduggery & death. The adapted GUMSHOE investigative roleplaying system creates a fantasy RPG with a focus on high-action roleplaying & investigation.

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Here you’ll find official materials as well as useful game resources and play aids created by the 13th Age fan community. A link to a third-party site doesn’t mean that we agree with or endorse all of the opinions on that site.

13th Age core book

13th Age FAQ

13th Age Organized Play

13th Age Licensing

Vault of the 13th Age – a fansite operated by Fire Opal Games that collects community-created content for 13th Age RPG

Iconic – the 13th Age fan podcast

Escalation! – the 13th Age fanzine

ICON – the previous 13th Age fanzine

Official Pre-Generated Characters

Level 1-4 Gen Con 2015 pregens (PDF) by ASH LAW level 1 – 4: Half-Elf Fighter, Forgeborn Cleric, Tiefling Hellsinger (customized bard/barbarian multiclass), Dwarf Ranger with bear companion, Wood Elf Druid and Human Wizard. To speed things up, we pre-split the 8 background points into three backgrounds: 4-point, 3-point, and 1-point.

Level 2 pregens (PDF) by Nathan Panke, Daniel Splitter, ASH Law, Cal Moore and Wade Rockett – revised 28 August 2013:

Level 2 pregens from Make Your Own Luck (PDF): Human Paladin, Half-Elf Bard, Elf Wizard, Dwarf Barbarian, Halfling Rogue and Human Cleric.

Level 3 pregens from At Land’s Edge (PDF by Sean Dunstan): Dark Elf Paladin, Dwarf Wizard, Halfling Sorcerer, Half-Orc Rogue, Human Commander and Human Fighter.

Level 6 pregens from Swords Against Owlbears (PDF): Tiefling Paladin, Human Rogue, Gnome Barbarian, Half-Elf Sorcerer, Dark Elf Cleric, and Human Druid.

Third Party and Fan-Created Pre-Generated Characters

Pre-generated characters (PDF) by Sarah Miller and Ben Roby

  • Group 1  – Level 2 Half-Orc Barbarian, Gnome Bard, Elf Cleric, Dwarf Fighter, Human Paladin, Half-Elf Ranger, Halfing Rogue, Dark Elf Sorcerer, High-Elf Wizard
  • Group 2 – Level 2 Gnome Barbarian, High Elf Bard, Dark Elf Cleric, Halfling Fighter, Dwarf Hunter, Wood Elf Paladin, Half-Orc Rogue, Half Elf Sorcerer and Human Wizard
  • Group 3 – Level 2 Wood Elf Barbarian, Half Elf Bard, Holy One Cleric, Draconic Fighter, Forgeborn Paladin, Human Ranger, Gnome Rogue, Demontouched Sorcerer and Dark Elf Wizard.
  • Group 4 – Level 2 Forgeborn Barbarian, Holy One Paladin, High Elf Ranger, Half-Orc Fighter, Draconic Rogue, Demontouched Bard, Dwarf Cleric, Wood Elf Sorcer and Halfling Wizard
  • Group 5 – Level 4 Wood Elf Barbarian, Half Elf Bard, Holy One Cleric, Draconic Fighter, Forgeborn Paladin, Human Ranger, Gnome Rogue, Demontouched Sorcerer and Dark Elf Wizard.

Level 2 Midgard Campaign Setting pregens (.zip PDFs) by J. Michael Bestul, with Midgard icons by Wade Rockett and magic items by ASH LAW and Wade Rockett: Dwarf Barbarian, Elfmarked Druid, Human Cleric, Kobold Ranger, Minotaur Bard, Ravenfolk Fighter.

Level 3 pregens from Campaign Coins (.zip PDFs) level 3 by Jackson Heenan: Dark Elf Monk, Derro Wizard, Human Necromancer, Goblin Rogue. AUTHOR’S NOTE: “This party was created for The First Bank of Drakkenhall, a heist adventure of stealth and skulduggery. As such, they are somewhat dodgy, shady characters that you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley in the City of Monsters. Also attached is a list of suggested magic items that would serve them in such endeavors. Also, the goblin and derro, being unofficial player races, have homebrew powers that probably aren’t perfectly balanced.”

Third-Party and Fan-Created Game Aids and Supplements

Power decks Character sheets Adventures
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Authors: Kevin Kulp, Emily Dresner

Cover Artists: Jérôme Huguenin

Pages: 368

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