View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

by Simon Rogers

The Dying Earth died with a bang and not a whimper, exceeding all expectations. I might even renew the license. Hard Helix, the first Mutant City Blues supplement is out now, as are Arkham Detective Tales Trail of Cthulhu. We’ve also produced a new surprise supplement for Trail called Rough Magicks by Ken Hite. Also, Robin D Laws is working on a new game, Skulduggery, which brings the Dying Earth ruleset to news settings such as politics, high school musicals and piracy.


The Trail of Cthulhu

Arkham Detective Tales

In this new adventure collection, Investigators play the roles of New York’s finest and their civilian consultants, pursuing the unspeakable in the less savoury parts of the city. Written by Gareth Hanrahan, it’s out now. You can read more about it here.


rough medium

Rough Magicks

Ken Hite has put together a ToC magic supplement with optional new magic rules called Rough Magicks. It’s a 40-page saddle stiched supplement sumptuously illustrated by Jerom Huguenin. You can see how the front cover was produced here.

It is out now.

The Armitage Files

Like Hilary Wade, illustrator and layout artist Sarah Wroot is also Dying Earth contributor, and she is producing the eponymous handouts for Armitage Files.

The Armitage Files brings improvisation to the GUMSHOE system, and to Trail of Cthulhu. It’s still Keeper-led, but players contribute, too. The heart of the book is a series of documents and pictures sent from the future (or is it an alternate time line?) by Dr Henry Armitage. The PCs must follow the leads, and prevent disaster. The Files have been subject to rigorous playtesting, and now include extra practical material on improvising in actual play for both players and the Keeper. Oh, it’s written by Robin Laws.

Mutant City Blues

Hard Helix is the second release for Mutant City Blues, with four adventures for the game. It’s available from the Pelgrane Press Store, Indie Press Revolution and shortly from your local store.

The Dying Earth and Skulduggery

The Dying Earth license has expired, and we sold more Dying Earth in the last month than in the entire previous year. I am considering renewing the license. Either way, a version of the Dying Earth rule set lives on, in Skulduggery!

pelgraneRobin says “Games of Skulduggery plunge the player characters into environments where they must prevail by guile and persuasion. Skulduggery is a generic game, meaning that its rules can be used in various settings. Its specializes in stories where negotiation and verbal gamesmanship take precedence over fighting and adventure. Left to its own devices, the tone of a Skulduggery session drifts toward the humorous or satirical. With some effort, it can also be put to grimly serious ends.” The setting packs provided in this book allow you to create tales of:

  • Modern politics and bureaucracy (Yes,Wing)
  • The age of piracy (Skulduggery and Crossbones)
  • The high school drama club (Casting Call)
  • Interstellar trade (If Space Permits)

Artist Hilary Wade who created many fanciful illustrations for the Dying Earth has come out for retirement to illustrate it. It was playtested by Kevin Kulp at GenCon, for three groups, with excellent responses.

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