Authors: James Semple

Cover Artists: Wil Wheaton, Marie-Anne Fischer, Yaiza Varona, Mike Torr

Eternal Lies Suite Extended Edition Double Album MP3s


The Complete Eternal Lies Suite is original, fully orchestrated music for Trail of Cthulhu, and in particular, the epic, world-spanning campaign Eternal Lies. It’s a thematically consistent soundscape consisting of 37 tracks and more than 70 minutes of audio, combining live instrumentation with the best samples available. It’s enjoyable to listen to as music in its own right, and it provides an atmospheric background to Eternal Lies in actual play.

The tracks are divided into three types:

  • Ambient music, written to be played on a loop in the background, creating an immersive atmosphere during the game.
  • “Stings”, designed to be played during particular dramatic scenes in the Eternal Lies narrative
  • Action music, designed to be played during physical contests such as fights or chases. Each track has its own flavour, and Keepers may wish to select specific tracks for each action scene. Another option is to place all the action tracks into a playlist and ‘shuffle’ them into a random order. The tracks have been written in such a way that they seamlessly follow each other in any sequence.

The Eternal Lies Suite features original voiceover recordings from the legendary Wil Wheaton, which set the scene and evoke the perfect atmosphere not just for Trail of Cthulhu games, but for any period horror game.

Listen to a sample here.

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