Authors: Kenneth Hite

Cover Artists: Melissa Gay

Pages: 13

Hideous Creatures: Serpent Folk

Hideous Creatures: Serpent Folk

“The features mingled and merged in a seemingly impossible manner. Then, like a fading mask of fog, the face suddenly vanished and in its stead gaped and leered a monstrous serpent’s head!” They built Valusia before the dinosaurs, and lurk behind half mankind’s darkest cults. Are they extra-dimensional, extra-terrestrial, or just extra venomous? You won’t fool the Children of Yig, in any skin they wear.

The squamous serpent folk resemble upright, bipedal snakes, with wedge-shaped heads and taloned arms. They can sense motion, have a keen sense of smell thanks to their forked tongues, and can detect heat like a pit viper. They range in color from green and brown to pale yellow or gray, often spotted or streaked with darker markings.

Hideous Creatures: Serpent Folk includes,

  • Two unique scenario seeds, Ten Little Sapiens, and The Hills Have Nictitating Membranes
  • Keeper clues for every Trail of Cthulhu Investigative ability
  • Seven mythic echoes from across the world
  • Thirty-two Serpent Folk variations
  • Statistics for degenerate Serpent Folk: Children of the Night and Worms of the Earth
  • And new powers, like Torpor and Toxicompositor, with GUMSHOE statistics.

Praise for Hideous Creatures,

a brief injection of Hite-ian awesome … they’re just about the right length to digest in a single sitting, and full of amazing ideas that will make anyone’s game into a flavourful occult gumbo.” – High Trust, High Drama Blog

I consider this series a wake-up call to the lacklustre, to remind them tales of the Mythos, using whatever system, should instill uneasiness, upset and fear. Grasp the potential of the unearthly and inhuman…” – Paul Baldowski

Hideous Creatures: Serpent Folk is the fourth installment of the second Ken Writes About Stuff subscription.

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