Authors: Matthew Sanderson

Cover Artists: Olli Hihnala

Pages: 112

The Love of Money

Six months ago, Ordo Veritatis agent John Sheldon went off the organisation’s radar, following an emotional breakdown in the wake of losing his wife in a car crash. He held his sister, fellow Ordo Veritatis agent Caroline Sheldon, responsible for his wife’s death, as Caroline was drunk at the wheel that night. Psychiatric Metrics feared John went out to perform a solo mission to expose the heart of an Esoterrorist funding network he had uncovered in Amsterdam. The proposal for that mission had been shelved months ago due to its low probability of success.

When his body turns up in Amsterdam, evidently the sacrifice in an Esoterrorist ritual, the eye of suspicion turns on the rest of his team he left behind. Are they guilty by mere association, or are they innocent of his fate? They are given a chance to find out what happened to their friend and colleague, and in the process, clear them from any suspicion in the eyes of the Ordo Veritatis.

The Love of Money is an Esoterrorists adventure for 4-6 players from incredible GM and Pelgrane Crew favourite, Matthew Sanderson. It is designed as a single stand-alone adventure with pre-generated characters provided, but can be tweaked to accommodate integration into an ongoing campaign.

Read a review of Love of Money on rpg.net 10/10

Pelgrane Press is a venerable workshop of the dreadful and breeding terror by producing highly skilled adventures and supplements that contain just that – FEAR and PANIC – containing the best of what one’s own nightmares may conjure up.

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