Authors: Kenneth Hite

Cover Artists: Miguel Santos

Pages: 11

Unspeakable Cults: The Starry Wisdom

In game terms, cultists provide both human-scale opponents and investigable symptoms of the horror present under the surface or behind the scenes of history. A cult, meanwhile, provides not just a framework for belief but a framework for story and investigation: the cult’s action attracts the Investigators’ reaction, or the Investigators’ fight against the Mythos brings blowback and revenge.

In our final issue of the year, we give the Hideous Creatures treatment not to one beast but to a whole cult — the “disliked and unorthodox Starry Wisdom sect.” Vile rites and terrifying symbolism unfold to shadow your Trail of Cthulhu game, along with alternate takes, investigative leads, possible echoes, and sinister scenario seeds.

Unspeakable Cults: The Starry Wisdom is the final installment of the third Ken Writes About Stuff subscription.

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