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Authors: Cal Moore

Cover Artists: Jessica Chung Ti Lee, Melissa Gay, Aileen Miles, Patricia Smith

Interior Artists: Lea Evans, Alyssa Faden, Melissa Gay, Pär Lindström, Rich Longmore, Gillian Pearce, Ralf Schemmann, Patricia Smith, Christina Trani, Naomi VanDoren, Alicia Vogel

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13th Age Battle Scenes Complete Collection

Get three books’ worth of icon-themed adventures for the 13th Age Roleplaying Game at all levels of play, plus a PDF-only battle not in the print version!

These adventures are designed to be modular, so you can:

  • Play through each adventure as-is
  • Use individual battles from the adventure in your campaign (perhaps when an icon roll results in an unexpected complication…)
  • Play individual battles as a quick, zero-prep pickup game of 13th Age

Each battle includes monster tactics and terrain features, making these great for GMs and players who enjoy battles where strategy and tactics make a difference.

The 13th Age Battle Scenes Collection includes all three Battle Scenes print books and three full-colour printed map folios:

  • High Magic & Low Cunning: Icon-themed encounters for the Orc Lord, Prince of Shadows, Archmage, High Druid, and The Three. From a white-knuckle white-water ride past orcish hordes, to abseiling kobolds and a perilous magical cloud fortress, High Magic & Low Cunning takes your players on an unforgettable journey to adventure.
    • The High Magic & Low Cunning Map Folio includes 45 full-colour maps for challenging battles in a mad wizard’s lair, an underground fighting arena, an active volcano, and more!
  • The Crown Commands: Icon-themed encounters for the Dwarf King, Elf Queen, Emperor, and Lich King. Crush a dwarven city beneath your mighty Gearwork Dungeon! Plunder the elven goldenwood library that holds the secrets of the Green! Soak the sands of the Emperor’s arena with the blood of his living champions in the name of the One-Eyed King!
    • The Crown Commands Map Folio features 40 full-colour maps for exciting battles in a gladiatorial arena, a haunted crypt, city streets, and more!
  • Fire & Faith: Icon-themed encounters for the Crusader, Priestess, Great Gold Wyrm, and Diabolist. Chase the Diabolist’s Circus of Hell cross the Dragon Empire! Fight your way through the nightmare dreamscape of a sleeping gold dragon! Ride with the Crusader to assault a hellhole! Ascend the Cathedral to battle cosmic foes amidst its mind-bending geometry!
    • The Fire & Faith Map Folio features 40 full-colour maps for exciting battles in a gladiatorial arena, a haunted crypt, city streets, and more!
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