Authors: Cal Moore

Cover Artists: Aileen Miles, Patricia Smith

Interior Artists: Pär Lindström, Rich Longmore, Gillian Pearce, Ralf Schemmann, Patricia Smith

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High Magic & Low Cunning: Battle Scenes for Five Icons Book and Map Bundle

Ready-to-Go Battle Scenes for GMs: Less Prep, More Play!

The Battle Scenes books are independent collections of icon-themed encounters for the 13th Age Roleplaying Game  at all levels of play, packed with dangerous hand-picked foes on terrifying terrain.

High Magic & Low Cunning: Battle Scenes for Five Icons brings you 45 challenging and memorable sets of battles, against enemies connected to the Orc Lord, Prince of Shadows, Archmage, High Druid, and The Three. Drop these fights into your game at every tier of play from adventurer to epic, and bring them to life with gorgeous maps by our expert cartographers.

With High Magic & Low Cunning, you can:

  • Give the PCs compelling reasons to fight based on their icon relationships, their stories, and your campaign
  • Pit them against NPCs and monsters whose icon connections make them meaningful opponents—not just random foes
  • Use traps and terrain to provide a challenging environment with opportunities for clever tactics
  • Unleash all-new monsters on the PCs, along with new magic items to wield in battle.
  • Easily adjust battles to make them easier, or harder
  • Use the provided storylines to link each battle to the ones that come after, taking the PCs from one full heal-up to the next using only the battles in the set – with room to expand on these stories to fill multiple sessions of gameplay.

From a white-knuckle white-water ride past orcish hordes, to abseiling kobolds and a perilous magical cloud fortress, High Magic & Low Cunning takes your players on an unforgettable journey to adventure.

The digital download includes “The Wizard’s Gifts”, a bonus scene that’s not in the printed book. You also get the complete set of High Magic & Low Cunning printed color maps from the High Magic & Low Cunning Map Folio.

The enemy awaits. Are your heroes ready?

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