Authors: Kenneth Hite

Cover Artists: Melissa Gay

Pages: 12


In his essay “Something About Cats,” H.P. Lovecraft asks, “What fully civilised soul but would eagerly serve as high priest of Bast?” And indeed, what soul would not, in any civilization, from Ulthar to England to the Dragon Empire to outer space?

She Who Scratches, the Lady of the Ointment Jar, the great cat-goddess of nighted Khem comes alive in all her varied forms: as a Trail of Cthulhu titan (complete with her monstrous Brood of Bubastis), mysterious Ashen Stars entity, TimeWatch cult leader, and 13th Age Icon. Read further that you may join the souls Bast plays with, the many souls pricked by She Who Scratches. Good kitty!

Bast is the eleventh installment of the third Ken Writes About Stuff subscription.

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