Authors: Kenneth Hite

Cover Artists: Jeff Porter

Pages: 11

Hideous Creatures: Shoggoth

Infinitely plastic and ductile — slaves of suggestion, builders of cities — more and more sullen … intelligent … amphibious … and imitative!” If something can take any shape, what is its true nature? Are the shoggoths slave machines or biotech Singularity? Are they one or many? Tekeli-li!

Abdul Alhazred attempted desperately to claim that there were none of these fetid, oozing, protoplasmic monstrosities on Earth itself, save in crazed dreams or alkaloid visions. He was wrong.

These shapeless black blobs boil with green eyes and iridescent bubbles, making and unmaking any organs or tendrils needed for a given task. A multicellular protoplasmic mass, the shoggoth can exert prodigious strength or ooze through the tiniest cracks. Their matter is neither plant nor animal, at base somewhat like fungi or algae but capable of mimicking or adapting any organic form needed or desired.

Hideous Creatures: Shoggoth includes:

  • Two unique scenario seeds: Green Land, Black Heart, and One of Us, One of Us
  • Keeper clues for every Trail of Cthulhu Investigative ability
  • Five mythic echoes from across the world
  • Twenty Shoggoth variations
  • And new powers, like Replicate Mind, Engulf, and more, with GUMSHOE statistics

Praise for Hideous Creatures,

“A brief injection of Hite-ian awesome … they’re just about the right length to digest in a single sitting, and full of amazing ideas that will make anyone’s game into a flavourful occult gumbo.”High Trust, High Drama Blog

“I consider this series a wake-up call to the lacklustre, to remind them tales of the Mythos, using whatever system, should instill uneasiness, upset and fear. Grasp the potential of the unearthly and inhuman…” Paul Baldowski

Hideous Creatures: Shoggoth is the ninth installment of Ken Writes About Stuff Volume 1.

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