Authors: Ian Thomson

Cover Artists: Jérôme Huguenin, Andrew G. Wright, Sarah Wroot

Pages: 32

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Footsteps 0: Day of the Quelo

THE DAY OF THE QUELO: A Cugel-Level pdf adventure for DERPG.

The noble Twegg, merchant of Kaiin and breeder of fine (if somewhat freakish) beasts, needs an urgent delivery made. Thus he is seeking a few reliable fellows to deliver a ‘quelo’ – a sluggish and good-natured beast – to its new owner, only one day’s walk along the tranquil Derna Road. What could be a simpler way to earn a purse of terces?

  • A relaxing day in the country,
  • Good cheer and jovial companions…
  • Money for nothing…
  • And welcome to the nightmare that is: The Day of the Quelo!

Of middling difficulty, easily adaptable for novices. A full adventure in its own right and also highly suitable to be played as an introduction to DERPG. (Predesigned character sheets are included.)

It also has potential to be added into the Footsteps of Fools series – either the first amateur series (where it was originally run) or the full professional series (where it can be added into Strangers in Saskervoy). In the original series it commences in Kaiin and use of the Kaiin Players Guide can expand its scope, but the KPG is not essential to running Day of the Quelo.

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