Authors: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

Cover Artists: Pascal Quidault

Pages: 90

Invasive Procedures

Best Adventure Nominee  in the 2012 ENnie awards

Welcome to Ward Three.

You are a patient in Our Lady’s Hospital. The equipment is out of date, the staff unmotivated, and the whole place stinks of death and despair. You’re sick, and at the mercy of the doctors and staff.

Then one night, they come for you. That’s when the real nightmare begins.

Something terrible is happening in Ward Three. You can’t stop it. All you can do is try to get out alive.

Invasive Procedures is a Fear Itself adventure from Gareth Hanrahan, co-author of the Dracula Dossier and author of Arkham Detective Tales, three Skulduggery settings and Brief Cases: Three Adventures for Mutant City Blues. Invasive Procedures includes an extract from The Book of Unremitting Horror.

Includes conversion information for Trail of Cthulhu.

Download a layout map of Our Lady’s Hospital.

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