Authors: Jim Webster, David Thomas

Cover Artists: Sarah Wroot, Greg Staples

Pages: 176

The Scaum Valley Gazetteer

A source book for the Dying Earth RPG

Welcome to the finest river valley in gaming! From the Maurenron Mountains to Sanreale Bay, the valley is thick with ancient forests, picturesque ruins and somber tombs. It is alive with vibrant towns and glittering palaces. It teems with eerie creatures, exhilarating predators and glittering palaces.
Complete with frightful curses, new spells, creatures and magic items, the Scaum contains sufficient material (locales, characters and adventure outlines) for many months of exceptional gaming. Suitable for any level of play from Rogue to Arch-Magician.

  • Exotic Vistas…
  • Outlandish inhabitants…
  • Vibrant dangers and curses…
  • Limitless adventure!
  • Aeons to erode – yours for a pittance!

Suitable for any level of play from Rogue to Arch-Magician. In development from the moment DERPG was conceived! The magnificent map is also available.

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Axomber’s Crypt: a downloadable adventure in the Valley of Graven Tombs, plus Azenomei to Kaiin journey notes (from the original Footsteps of Fools prototype series).
The Royal Cartographers: A Comprehensive Guide to Using the SVG as a connected campaign.

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