Authors: ASH LAW, Paul Fanning

Cover Artists: Tangmo Cecchini, Lauren Covarrubias, Rich Longmore,  Karolina Węgrzyn, Piya Wannachaiwong

Pages: 120

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Loot Harder

You’ve defeated the monsters, now it’s time to loot the lair!

By ENnie award-winning author ASH LAW, Loot Harder: A Book of Treasures brings you hundreds of new magic items for your 13th Age game, including true magic items, consumables, and items for new classes.

Brave adventurers (and GMs) will also find game-changing, campaign-defining iconic relics; “minor” magical treasures that require no attunement; and of course (or should we say, “of curse”), those rare riches that exact a price. Plus: adventure hooks, new item types (scepters, chalices, orbs), lair items, linked thematic item sets, and iconic artifacts!

Think you’ve looted as hard as you can? Get ready to LOOT HARDER!

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