Authors: Kenneth Hite

Cover Artists: David Winship, Jeff Porter

Pages: 11

Moon Dust Men

President Eisenhower established Project Moon Dust in 1953 to locate, contain, and coordinate everything known about the alien presence on Earth. The public-relations and open-source arm of Moon Dust was called Project Blue Book. Blue Book ended its work in 1970. It is 1978. Your work never ends. This GUMSHOE campaign frame, Moon Dust Men, can be a sci-fi, conspiracy, or horror game – it’s up to you to find the truth.

Moon Dust Men includes new abilities (Ufology), new skills (Remote Viewing, Psionics), aliens (Greys, Nommo), and cryptids (chupacabra, Mothman). This campaign frame introduces Backslash Points, a rule-variant for the “weird science” genre typified by The X-Files or Fringe.

A Moon Dust team comprises three to six personnel, usually including a linguist, a technician, and a combat ops specialist. All are airborne, or at least jump, qualified – UFOs don’t always crash near roads or landing strips. The Air Force attempts to cross-train team members in the skills of the others to ensure a team functional capability despite any casualties that may be incurred in their employment.

Ken includes sprinkles of moon dust campaign frames for Ashen Stars, Esoterrorists, Fear Itself, Mutant City Blues, Night’s Black Agents, and Trail of Cthulhu.

Praise for Moon Dust Men:

“In under a dozen pages, Moon Dust Men provides you with an interesting set-up, character variations, extraterrestrials, weird monsters, and sneaky Russians – all easily layered over any version of the Gumshoe system you happen to have lying around. Whether you want to run an interesting one-shot, tweak your current setting to include conspiracies and aliens, or try for a whole campaign, this supplement gives you enough to get going. For little more than a tall brewed coffee from a High Street coffee chain, you have all the prerequisites for mysterious adventures fighting insidious Greys and our ubiquitous reptilian underlords.” – Paul Baldowski

Moon Dust Men is the sixth installment of Ken Writes About Stuff Volume 1.

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