Authors: Robin D. Laws, Kenneth Hite

Cover Artists: Jérôme Huguenin

Pages: 192

Shadows over Filmland


Trail Of Cthulhu goes to the movies! Pelgrane Press pays homage to the classic horror films of the 1930s with this 192-page compendium of celluloid thrills and chills!


Trail Of Cthulhu creators Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws team up, marshalling their deep mastery of cinematic lore to bring you a landmark collection of Cthulhoid scenarios and source material.

GASP at the startling parallels between Hollywood and HPL horror in Nitrate Gothic. Critical exploration this blood-curdling could only issue from one pen-that of Kenneth Hite!

SHUDDER at the strange setting that is Backlot Gothic. Wolves howl across blackened hillsides. Hunchbacked madmen stalk through forests of dead, naked trees. The impossible machinery of mad science hisses and sparks in basement laboratories deep beneath ancestral manors. Is this gloomy black and white world Eastern Europe? Germany? England? None of these places-yet all of them at once!

TREMBLE at the hours of mysterious play found within its dozen pulse-quickening scenarios.

  • Cheat death with Dr. Grave Dust.
  • Face the dread count himself in Dreams Of Dracula.
  • Track a bestial killer Under A Werewolf Moon.
  • Dare to cross the threshold of The Black Chateau.
  • Learn the murderous secret of The Non-Euclidean Man.
  • Hear the whispers of Nyarlathotep on The Night I Died.
  • Walk in zombie footsteps to encounter the White Bokor.
  • Unearth a mummy’s curse, bringing Death Across the Nile.
  • Explore the prehistoric jungle isle of The Green Ape.
  • Penetrate the dark heart of Africa to meet the Lord of the Jungle.
  • Flee from enemies old and new in The Preserve.
  • Finally, complete your tour of filmic menace by venturing into the darkest pit of insanity yet-Hollywood itself, in The Final Reel!

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