Authors: Leonard Balsera, Robin D. Laws

Cover Artists: Pascal Quidault, Kyle Strahm

Interior Artists: Pascal Quidault, Kyle Strahm

Pages: 70

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Tartarus & Terra Nova Flip Book

This now out-of-print convention exclusive book features two adventures for Ashen Stars, now collected in print & PDF format in The Justice Trade:


In a devastatingly hostile environment,  hard-bitten lasers – who know enough not to touch the gooey stuff or take off their helmets in an untested biosphere – investigate the demise of a survey crew doomed by the above mistakes.

Terra Nova

The Terra Nova, last of the great luxury liners from the Combine’s heyday,  is dead,  a victim of disaster now drifting in the space between worlds. The last of the survivors clutch desperately to life,  waiting for rescue. All but one; who waits only for a chance to finish the job,  uncovering a secret which the Terra Nova has kept hidden for decades.

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