Authors: Greg Stolze

Cover Artists: Pat Loboyko

Pages: 288

The Forgotten Monk


A Man Without A Past

Cipher is a monk: a master of the Deadly Arts, able to dismantle enemies using his bare hands. He is immune to lies, and can see volumes of information in the smallest detail.

Unfortunately, that’s all he knows. His real name, his history – all stolen by an unknown foe.

Without memory or purpose, Cipher can only follow his instinct to find bad people, and hit them until they stop doing bad things. Joining a crime-fighting cavalry unit in a remote corner of the Dragon Empire, he finds himself allied with a singing orc, an indecisive elf, and a flying carpet that doesn’t like heights. Together they’ll take on a crazy halfling death cultist, a love-maddened alchemist, a charming drunkard dog-thief, a blinded arch-demon in chains, and the bizarre Mantischorgoth.

The Forgotten Monk is a high fantasy and high adventure novel, woven into a story of strong friendships, deadly hatreds, ingenious criminal mysteries and baffling affairs of the heart.


About the author:

Greg Stolze was born in 1970 and grew up alongside the World Wide Web. It should come as no surprise that he relies on 307 connections with his old college pal the Internet to make money. You can see (and download) the fruits of his labors at www.gregstolze.com/fiction_library. Everything there is free because it’s already been paid for through a complicated fictional-risk deferral scheme, to which you are already a party simply by having read this paragraph. So, since you’re already in, point your web browser to find stories about jujitsu, math, fish telepathy, aliens, magic, and grief. Follow him on Twitter at @GregStolze if you don’t mind hearing a lot about his literary trickery and insomnia.

Cover illustration by Pat Loboyko.

This title, and all other Stone Skin Press titles, are available together in the Stone Skin Press Complete Bundle.

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