Authors: Jesse Bullington, S. J. Chambers, Fi Michell, Laura Ellen Joyce, Richard Dansky, Steve Dempsey, Ramsey Campbell, Dmetri Kakmi, Sean Logan, Mason Wild, Damien Kelly, Phil Reeves, Ed Martin

Cover Artists: Jason Morningstar

Pages: 176

The New Gothic


The Gothic is the most enduring literary tradition in history but in recent years friendly ghosts and vegetarian vampires threaten its foundations.

The New Gothic is a collection of short stories which revisits to the core archetypes of the Gothic, the rambling, secret-filled building, the stranger seeking answers, the black-hearted tyrant, and reminds us not to embrace but to fear the darkness.

A dozen tales of terror fill this anthology including an original, never-before-seen story from the godfather of modern horror, Ramsey Campbell.

Instilling fear in the hearts of all are:

Fi MICHELL • Laura Ellen JOYCE
Richard DANSKY  •  Steve DEMPSEY
Dmetri KAKMI •  Sean LOGAN  •  Mason WILD


Editor Beth K. Lewis and the team at Stone Skin Press have selected a terrific set of stories. They hang together, despite disparate elements; each tale hints at the darkness lurking in urban neighborhoods, in old houses, on desolate roads, and in our hearts. Cue Vincent Price’s menacing laugh echoing down a black corridor. There are no castles here, but there’s no sympathy for the devil either.”

“I can heartily recommend The New Gothic. It’s a great read that hooks you – in a horrible blood-spattering way – and the talent on show here is excellent.”

Farsight Blogger

“…the sweetest kind of literary torture. If you want to enjoy a rickety roller coaster of Gothic goodness, this book is worth standing in line for. This is the way Goth should be done, by people who know how to do it.”

Pop Cults

“…there are some finely crafted stories here.  This is definitely a good sampler of the sub-genre. If you’ve wondered what gothic horror was, this collection would be a good starting place to answer that question.”

-Fantasy Literature

This title, and all other Stone Skin Press titles, are available together in the Stone Skin Press Complete Bundle.

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