Silver ENnie award winner for Best Rules; nominee for Best Game and Product of the Year. 13th Age combines the best parts of traditional d20-rolling fantasy gaming with new story-focused rules, designed so you can run the kind of game you most want to play with your group.

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Vault of the 13th Age – a fansite operated by Fire Opal Games that collects community-created content for 13th Age RPG

Iconic – the 13th Age fan podcast

Escalation! – the 13th Age fanzine

ICON – the previous 13th Age fanzine

Official Pre-Generated Characters

Level 1-4 Gen Con 2015 pregens (PDF) by ASH LAW level 1 – 4: Half-Elf Fighter, Forgeborn Cleric, Tiefling Hellsinger (customized bard/barbarian multiclass), Dwarf Ranger with bear companion, Wood Elf Druid and Human Wizard. To speed things up, we pre-split the 8 background points into three backgrounds: 4-point, 3-point, and 1-point.

Level 2 pregens (PDF) by Nathan Panke, Daniel Splitter, ASH Law, Cal Moore and Wade Rockett – revised 28 August 2013:

Level 2 pregens from Make Your Own Luck (PDF): Human Paladin, Half-Elf Bard, Elf Wizard, Dwarf Barbarian, Halfling Rogue and Human Cleric.

Level 3 pregens from At Land’s Edge (PDF by Sean Dunstan): Dark Elf Paladin, Dwarf Wizard, Halfling Sorcerer, Half-Orc Rogue, Human Commander and Human Fighter.

Level 6 pregens from Swords Against Owlbears (PDF): Tiefling Paladin, Human Rogue, Gnome Barbarian, Half-Elf Sorcerer, Dark Elf Cleric, and Human Druid.

Third Party and Fan-Created Pre-Generated Characters

Pre-generated characters (PDF) by Sarah Miller and Ben Roby

  • Group 1  – Level 2 Half-Orc Barbarian, Gnome Bard, Elf Cleric, Dwarf Fighter, Human Paladin, Half-Elf Ranger, Halfing Rogue, Dark Elf Sorcerer, High-Elf Wizard
  • Group 2 – Level 2 Gnome Barbarian, High Elf Bard, Dark Elf Cleric, Halfling Fighter, Dwarf Hunter, Wood Elf Paladin, Half-Orc Rogue, Half Elf Sorcerer and Human Wizard
  • Group 3 – Level 2 Wood Elf Barbarian, Half Elf Bard, Holy One Cleric, Draconic Fighter, Forgeborn Paladin, Human Ranger, Gnome Rogue, Demontouched Sorcerer and Dark Elf Wizard.
  • Group 4 – Level 2 Forgeborn Barbarian, Holy One Paladin, High Elf Ranger, Half-Orc Fighter, Draconic Rogue, Demontouched Bard, Dwarf Cleric, Wood Elf Sorcer and Halfling Wizard
  • Group 5 – Level 4 Wood Elf Barbarian, Half Elf Bard, Holy One Cleric, Draconic Fighter, Forgeborn Paladin, Human Ranger, Gnome Rogue, Demontouched Sorcerer and Dark Elf Wizard.

Level 2 Midgard Campaign Setting pregens (.zip PDFs) by J. Michael Bestul, with Midgard icons by Wade Rockett and magic items by ASH LAW and Wade Rockett: Dwarf Barbarian, Elfmarked Druid, Human Cleric, Kobold Ranger, Minotaur Bard, Ravenfolk Fighter.

Level 3 pregens from Campaign Coins (.zip PDFs) level 3 by Jackson Heenan: Dark Elf Monk, Derro Wizard, Human Necromancer, Goblin Rogue. AUTHOR’S NOTE: “This party was created for The First Bank of Drakkenhall, a heist adventure of stealth and skulduggery. As such, they are somewhat dodgy, shady characters that you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley in the City of Monsters. Also attached is a list of suggested magic items that would serve them in such endeavors. Also, the goblin and derro, being unofficial player races, have homebrew powers that probably aren’t perfectly balanced.”

Third-Party and Fan-Created Game Aids and Supplements

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Authors: Liz Argall, Paul Fanning, Jaym Gates, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Lynne Hardy, Rob Heinsoo, ASH LAW, Cal Moore, Carrie Rasmussen-Law, Wade Rockett, Aaron Roudabush, Michael E. Shea, Ruth Tillman, Jonathan Tweet, Steven Warzeha, Emily Westfall

Cover Artists: Rich Longmore, Ania Kryczkowska, Aaron McConnell, Lee Moyer, Patricia Smith, Naomi VanDoren

Pages: 304


Authors: Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet, Robin D. Laws

Cover Artists: Lee Moyer, Aaron McConnell

Pages: 256


Authors: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

Cover Artists: Anna Kryczkowska, Pat Loboyko, Rich Longmore, Juha Makkonen, Russ Nicholson, Ben Wooten

Pages: 360

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