Authors: Kevin Kulp

Cover Artists: Janio Garcia

Interior Artists: Janio Garcia, Rich Longmore

Brought to Light pre-order

From the rotting rooftops of Sag Harbor to the glittering ballrooms of Alderhall, the city of Eversink welcomes you – assuming you can survive it! This collection features four one-shot adventures for Swords of the Serpentine, each designed to be played in four hours with pre-generated Heroes. Featured by Pelgrane Press at Gen Con and used only for convention play, now collected and expanded with designer notes and updated rules.

  • Play as orphaned urchins trying to steal back the only things that matter, in Ragamuffins
  • Trapped at a society ball, solve a murder while you unravel the unexpected mystery of Eversink’s greatest sleuth, in Murder Most Foul!
  • Trod the cobblestones as officers in the City Watch as you scramble to prevent civil war, in Smuggler’s End
  • Playing some of the most powerful people in the city, use every social (and probably illegal) resource you have to undermine a corrupt and unspeakably powerful judge, in Takedown

The four adventures collected in Brought to Light showcase the best Swords of the Serpentine has to offer: fun characters, unusual mysteries, high action, and devious plotting. Collected here for the first time, these four adventures give you a solid cross-section of the game. From Fledgling tier play as plucky urchins fighting back against monsters when no adult will believe you, to Sovereign tier play as rich and powerful members of society’s elite who need to undermine a corrupt judge for the good of the city, you’ll get a great feel for how we personally run the game – and in doing so, carve out your own place in Eversink’s history.

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