Authors: Ian Thomson

Cover Artists: Shaun Thomas, Ossi Hiekkala

Pages: 128

Demons of the Dying Earth

DEMONS OF THE DYING EARTH: a sourcebook for the Dying Earth RPG.

Sucked up from unspeakable subworlds, demon are fearsome and worthy opponents for Turjan-level magicians. (And powerful and fearsome horrors for their lesser Cugelesque colleagues.)

Even Turjan’s mentor Pandelume was given pause by an otherworldy abomination. With witches, demonists, Valdaran’s Green Legion and horrific magic in equal measure, the Demons of the Dying Earth will put your most blasé Turjanic hero or magician in fear of their soul.

This book does not offer reckless instructions on how to create and play witches and warlocks, nor how to use demonic forces to casually attack your foes – for such would make a mockery of the dangerous and blasphemous nature of the awful demonic legacy of previous aeons. Instead we provide the resources to fully describe occult horrors, insane archenemies, cruel and secretive demonic cults, and dangerous journeys to the bizarre sub-worlds.

In this work Demons are presented as a ‘very bad thing’. Those magicians who do wish to take up demonology as magical specialty can expect to suffer awful consequences for their taste of power – possibly to turn up again as a superior henchman to the campaign’s most intractable foe. (In advanced campaigns, Diabolist PCs to some extent break this ruling – protected in their viewing of demons and sub-worlds as an abstract pedantic specialty.)

Discover a new angle on Dying Earth RPG: foes that even the most jaded of magicians and adventurers will find sufficiently abhorrent to unite them in their attempts to outwit, evade, thwart and destroy their mutual enemy. But beware, your most favourite spells may prove useless against beings of other dimensions, and even your precious magical adjuncts may lack efficacy. A new world lurks amidst the shadows of the old!

Written as a partner-publication to Turjan’s Tome, Demons also stands alone and can be used by Cugelesque-favoring GMs with great benefit.

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