Authors: Gareth Ryrer-Hanrahan

Cover Artists: Hilary Wade, Jérôme Huguenin

Pages: 15

Black Smoke


Black Smoke is the brand new setting for Skulduggery, the roleplaying game of verbal fireworks and sudden reversals!

The previous pope, Celestine, has died under mysterious circumstances so it’s time for the cardinals to gather in the Sistine Chapel to elect a new leader. This is where the conniving, back-stabbing and underhandedness begins!

You want to be the new Pope and you will do anything to achieve your goal from spreading malicious rumours about your competitors to poisoning the wine and ordering arrests. The Holy Roman Emperor, a hairy, ambitious German, and his army are encamped outside the city, threatening an invasion he is not made a saint before his death.

All this makes for an exciting setting, ripe with opportunities for subterfuge and less-than-holy tactics! Complete with hilarious taglines and a full set of player cards, this setting will have you competing for the papacy again and again.

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